Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One year down, 118 to go.

This weekend was nothing short of amazing.

We lounged. We snuggled. Drank champagne, ate delicious seafood. Played with the puppies. Played kissie face. A lot.

Saturday afternoon I put on my best sweater (it was cold out, yay!) and hopped in the car for dinner and a movie. Or in our case, movie and a dinner. See, we're old folk. We don't do 8 pm dinners and 10 pm movies. We'd be worthless the next day.

It was raining and we rushed from car to theater. I giggled like a school girl trying to catch up with J's long legged strides as I covered my freshly coiffed hair with my jacket. Fast walk, walk, walk, runnn to catch up, giggle, fast walk walk walk.... Baber and his long monkey legs.

The Blind Side was our movie of choice. I cannot express how much I loved this movie. My jaw was clenched through the entire film to keep myself from crying. What finally made me lose it was at the end of the movie. When the credits starting rolling there were photos of the family who's story this movie was created from: not a single person got up out of their seat to leave. The place was packed and still until the last photo disappeared.

We had buttery popcorn and monsterous drinks. Baber is a kid at heart and popcorn is a MUST at the theater. I always look forward to our dates because of this sort of thing. He doesn't leave out the details that make our evenings fun.

Bonefish Grill was our next destination, one of favorite restaurants. Mahi Mahi topped with lobster and crab in a sherry cream sauce on top of whipped garlic mashed potatoes. Did you just get chills? We did too.

Next, J's favorite: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The last time we went there we ended up spending $30. What? Thirty dollars on CHOCOLATE? We had a heart attack that time, so we were a bit more careful in our selection this go-round. Seafoam, Tiger Butter, Oreo Bark and a slab of dark chocolate. Mmm.

Some window shopping, lots of hand-holding and opening doors. I hope it never fades.

Finally the Baberhusband started driving us toward downtown. I fought back the questions until I couldn't take it anymore.

"So, are you surprised at how long I held back on questioning where you're taking me?" He grins and says the festival of lights downtown. I'm giddy - we've been trying to start a tradition driving around to look at Christmas lights each year, but its seems we have a bunch of grinches living around us these days. People just don't put up lights like they used to.

So we get downtown and its.... dead. No one in sight. No lights. No cars. No people. Nothing. We laugh, maybe they cancelled it? We still don't know, but it didn't matter. Cozy in the car with the heater at my feet and my husband holding my hand, I didn't care where he took me. The gesture was all it took to remember why I fell in love with him. He knows I love surprises.

Back at the house we enjoyed some bubbly that we've been hanging onto for this night and took a tiny slice off our cake topper from the wedding a whole year ago. I'm not a big cake person, so after feeding each other a tiny bite with arms looped I was done. He was too. One year old cake? Great tradition but icky concept. Its still sitting in the fridge with one tiny slice taken out of it. Seems like such a waste. Oh well.

Sunday I had my first annual Christmas Extravaganza at the house. Photos of that to come next. Babers helped rearrange the house to fit everyone and made sure I had everything I needed before he left. Have I mentioned how lucky I am that he's so supportive? I feel it every day.

Mid way through the event my sister moves to stand in front of the window while a friend starts incessantly talking to me about something random. I'm suspicious but let it go. I'm a sucker for surprises and I've learned when people act crazy like that to hide something, there's bound to be a great surprise after.

Knock knock, goes the flower delivery guy at our door. I squeal and melt all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor. My favorite, lilies. And roses, and a few other pretties too. Be still my heart. He knows how much I adore lilies. So much so that I've threatened to name our unborn child after them.

How sneaky is he to have these delivered in the midst of the show? The girls ooo'd and ahhhh'd alright. PDA at its best. He's a glutten for praise and boy did he get a dose when he got home. (I guess technically he's getting another dose here, isn't he?)

All in all, a wonderful weekend. Perfect in every single way. This year just flew by... I hope the next 118 years go a little slower...
I love you Baberhusband!


jason said...

I love that story

Crissy said...

Bleh, kissy face?? Lol, this is great Jill and Jason! Your children will love reading this one day.

Rox said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

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