Monday, December 07, 2009

Swimming up for air

Its been a few days since I've last blogged, so I thought I'd pop in and say hi.

Jillry has really taken off and I am swamped to say the least. Proud and anxious. Busy but beaming. Making lists. Lots of lists...

My Christmas cards are still sitting on the table, unaddressed. Just got stamps today. There are some things that you cannot procrastinate on... I also left a message just today on my nephew's answering machine from Nippy, Santa's favorite elf. I wonder if he'll figure out Nippy is really his Aunt Toot.

Had a great weekend of craft shows and home shows. Now I'm working like a mad woman to get my stock up for this weekend's show at my house. I'm hosting my very first Christmas Extravaganza and I am THRILLED. I love love love supporting my fellow artists and hope this becomes such a big thing that I'll have to rent space for it in the future.

There's another biggie this weekend for me. It will be me and Baber's first anniversary. I can't believe its already been a year! I think we're both a little baffled by the idea... Cancun sunrises and pinacoladas still seem so clear to me. Feels just yesterday I was shoving my face with picnic basket catering standing up in our new kitchen, in my big white dress while J smoked a celebratory cigar with the door wide open. We were so giddy and full of wine and beer, I wouldn't have cared less if he had smoked in bed.

*sigh* My life is full right now. Full of happiness, success, hope. Full of love, support and creativity. Full of inspiration. Full of want, yet full of satisfaction.

Before I sign out, let me announce another giveaway. Mint Green with Envy is hosting a giveaway for my Time Keeper's Necklace. Be sure to pop on over to her place and enter to win.

More later. Photos and stories and new jewelry. Oh my.


C said...

i am SO happy that your bizness has taken off! i knew it would cuz you have such talent.

happy first anniversary, you guys!!!!
life goes by so fast when you are happy, doesnt it?

i couldnt be happier for you hon, that you are so happy!

happy holidays.


Anonymous said...


Sydney said...

How exciting for you!! All this amazing stuff going on AND your 1st anniversary...yay!!

(my christmas cards aren't even made it to the table yet, still in the closet upstairs, haha)

Anonymous said...

so glad your business is doing well and happy anniversary!

S and O said...

Oh what great news to hear that there is so much happiness in your life!!!
Happy Anniversary to you two! I hope you guys have a wonderful time:)
Congratulations with your shop taking off that is lovely!!!
You mentioned not having sent out Christmas cards but hun, I haven't even started shopping for anyone on my list...eeek!
I'm just so stumped this year as to what I should get everyone. I guess I'll think of something, just hopefully sooner than later heehe:)
p.s. that elf thing you got going is so cute! :) Oh and GOODLUCK with your upcoming craft fair, it sounds exciting, will you be posting pics??

Rox said...

I can't believe it's been a year already! How did that happen so fast?!

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