Monday, February 18, 2008

Another meme for your viewing pleasure

Kitty tagged me this time. As you all know, I'm a meme whore. *sniff* You love it. Gotta do it. However, I think I'll take a break after this one as the last two I've done have taken a lot of effort to answer. And I'm just to lazy right now for all this deep thinking. ;p

1: Name three things about yourself you would like to improve:

My skin. I wish that for just one day I could say "I think I'll go without make up today," and actually be confident enough to do it. I don't have acne or anything, but my cheeks always look a little like someone's grandma just went to pinching them.

My patience. I get riled up waiting in traffic and have to distract myself. I have no patience for screaming kids in supermarkets or for their parents who just keep on shopping without saying a word to them. I absolutely DO NOT DO LINES. If there's more than 3 people in line where ever I am, I simply walk out. I'm really trying to improve on this right now for several personal reasons. I hope I am successful.

My guilt issues. I know where it comes from and have been slowly getting better. I realize that I can't be responsible for other people's problems and just need to let go.

2: Name something you would like to achieve:
a) Within 1 year: Move from an apartment into a house I can call home. Or be made into an honest woman. Either one will do, I'm not picky.
b) Within 5 years: Have a successful handmade jewelry business.
c) Within 10 years: Peace. While I'm almost there now, I know in the future my plate will be full and my life totally different. I am making a goal that my "self" in the future would most likely need me to make now. Pfft. How's that for deep?

3: Name something you would like to help achieve for somebody else:
I would love to help my sister get fit & healthy. She's my little sister but seems like she's my older one at times because she's been through so much and has sort of pushed her own needs aside. I'd love to be her support and partner in a healthier lifestyle that would ultimately make her feel better about herself, not to mention tack years back onto her life.

4: Name one place you haven’t been, but you’d like to go:

Sicily. My great grandmother on my father's side came straight off the boat and I've always wanted to travel there. I hear the men are,.. appreciative of women, so I'll need to invest in a head-to-toe cloak so my boyfriend won't get red in the knuckles.

5: Name one person you haven’t met, but would like to meet:
My bitty Baber child. I hope he has his Papa's eyelashes. (Or she.)

6: Name three material things you would like:
This is DANGEROUS. Okay. A boat for Babers. Well, it would be for me too. Shut up. Mmm, and a new bra. I don't like shopping for them and I need a new one right now. (Ladies, you KNOW what I'm talking about.) Like I said, I'm not picky. I would also like - man this is hard! I don't really want anything right now. Oh! An engagement ring.

OH NO YOU DI'NT!!! (Oh yes I did! Uh oh, now I'm in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Its all your fault Kitty.)

Tagging away this time:




Grilled Pizza

Mainly cuz I'm interested to see your answers. And cuz I know you be some clever chics. If I didn't tag you please go for it! I would love to get to know you better. (And duh, I love reading memes as much as I love doing them.)


Kitty said...

:-O You can't blame me! I also have a 'guilt' thing going on here, y'know! :-p

Cool answers there RM - thanks for picking up the tag.


Simply Curious said...

Nope. Doesn't count. Three things YOU would like, I say has to be, three things, YOU would like for YOU. Two down, one to go. I think the boat shouldn't count.

I know I could think of 100's of new material things I'd like to least 30 of them would be new electronic goodies. Ouch. That sounded nasty. I meant laptops, cameras, TV, DVD's, iTunes cards, and things like that. Honest!

I'm going to shut up now and stop typing before I dig myself in a deeper hole. I really like reading these tags. Well, when they're written by people I like, at least.

Stacie said...

LOVE your answers Jilly, and I too am a meme whore! I'll get right on this!

I too am VERY impatient with the screaming kids. However, I've been on the other side of that too and try really hard to remember what it's like to be that mom. You try so hard to do the right thing and not give in to the tantrums and some of the advice is if it's ignored the child will stop doing it because they're not getting the reaction they want, but at the same time that mother is going through her grocery shopping or whathave you and she is at wits end, she's embarrassed the kid is making a scene, she's tired of hearing it to, if she punishes in public you can darn well bet she'll be judged on that as well. On the other hand, for those of us that have to hear it, In my case anyway, I often just want to scream at the mother and "SHUT THAT KID UP!" but I feel for her ya know..

and lines...oh no! I hate them too...

Bra shopping? I'd rather shoot myself in the foot or gouge my eyes out with a rusty coat hanger! UGH!
I finally found one I like and now I just order them girlie...give it a whirl. and you can often get discounts if you google coupons and codes...

Steph said...

You can't possibly wear makeup 24/7 that is soooo bad for your skin!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Nice. I see that you don't want MY answers.



SO are you trying to tell us something? Is there wedding cake in your future? poopie diapers??

Nocturnal said...

I think it would be sooooo cool to see you with your own hand crafted jewelery shop: "Jillies"

If I lived nearby, I'd take my niece there to shop.


Grilled Pizza said...

This will be tomorrows post!
GP x

jason said...

Thanks for wanting to keep my knuckles from being abused anymore. I would love to take you to Sicily for a week, and then we could go to Ireland for a week too. 2 week vacation coming soon? Hmmmmm..........

William Wren said...

thanks for your comments love your blog

Anonymous said...

I am sure one day you will have the shop of your dreams!

Hopefully I'll have big bucks by then and I can shop til I drop!

Oh I must have the make-up too.If not then....FREAK SHOW!

Doc said...

If you keep it up you will be able to have the jewelry business you really want... All it takes is vision and the willingness to work hard for it!

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

i love memes :o)

great sharing! and im with ya on the line thing! i hate lines! :o)

and are we thinking of having a little one sometime soon?? eh HEM.... (wink wink)

and i too am trying to get a house in a year or so :o) woo hoo!

in da hizzzzouse

Anonymous said...

ok... what steph said kind of scares me... because doesn't she work in the makeup business? eck.

You are a TOTAL meme-aholic! lol

you crack me up, and i love reading them! lol I will post answers shortly. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH... also! I HATE buying bras! and jeans... :-P gag!

small waste+big hips= day of hell trying to find jeans that fit without giving muffin top or ass crackage.

great picture right? I opt out of jeans as of late. Trying to loose the winter hate weight.

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