Monday, February 18, 2008

My Funny Valentine

I am an awful girlfriend. *nose in corner*

Friday I was reading everyones blogs and seeing the flowers, chocolates and lingerie that my ladies were receiving on Valentines Day. I must admit it, I read and read and felt sorry for myself. I pouted. A lot.

See, J got me a new pink bluetooth device to go with my previously purchased new phone last weekend and told me it was for Valentines Day. That day I was excited about my new gizmo but a few days later felt sad that I wouldn't be spending this romantic day with him. I looked at my new pink device and missed him. I also questioned the romanticalness of a blue tooth device. (Yes, that IS a real word.)

Then on Wednesday I was surprised by two of the sweetest cards in the mail: one from Babers and one from Mini. Yes, can you believe Mini actually sent me a card? She wrote "I ruff you, Mama!" She's so clever, really. And, I won't embarrass J, but, his card brought tears to my eyes. Twice.

Back to my point - I was pouting on Friday evening. J was on his way in and even though we had dining plans for Saturday I was still a little bummed because it was kinda my idea. Hey, its J's fault really. If he hadn't started out spoiling me I wouldn't expect it. Hmph.

So I'm fresh out the shower when I hear J let himself in my place. I have my jammies on and a huge towel piled up on my head. My Aunt Jemima moment, as J puts it. I'm dropping my dirty clothes in the hamper when I turn to see J walking in the room with his wife beater on, his cap backwards and a sweet smile on his face. I gasp. In his left hand is a chilled bottle of champagne and in his right is a bouquet of a dozen beautiful red roses.

Awwwww baabbbe, I say. (At least 4 times.) Awwww...baaaabbee.

I am the worst girlfriend in the world. Just awful. I just held onto him and hugged him till I squeezed the lovin' right out of him. And then I kissed his face off.

After I gave him his goodies we sat on the couch sipping on our champagne and watched LOLCatz videos until tears came out my eyes from laughing so hard. And then I cried again because I felt so bad for wanting so much.

So yeah, I was spoiled fat ass rotten this Valentine's Day. And loved every minute of it. Don't worry guys, J gets his share of spoiling too!

Before I leave you, I must share this FRICKIN HILARIOUS video J and I were watching after our LOLCatz session Friday night. We went from laughing out loud to sitting in confused, uncomfortable silence after clicking on this film. Techno Viking. Please, I beg you - WATCH IT. If its not funny the first time, watch it again. It will come.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You deserve all of that. And the Bluetooth, of course.

Nothing says romance like Bluetooth and/or compatible components.

Leesa said...

Aw, glad you were spoiled.

Tex's Missus said...

Awwww Jeez, even though I say bah-humbug to V-Day, a big part of me gets serious envious of stories like this. You were indeed spoiled, as I'm sure J was - you two kids are just made for each other :) Just added you to my Daily Fixes - hope that's ok :)

Grilled Pizza said...

Yay! Glad you got your valentines in the end, was there ever any doubt he would spoil you :0)
GP x

random moments said...

LBB - Thanks for clearing that up. I certainly do love that thing.

leesa - Thanks. His turn is coming...

tex's missus - aw thanks! I need to update mine too. Definitely going to add you to mine.

gp - i should have had more faith in my babers, huh?

-Papa said...

I was spoiled fat ass rotten
Does this mean Weight Watchers is going to have you for life? ;P I think every woman should be spoiled rotten on Valentines Day, they all deserve to be, and glad you were. :-)

Doc said...

If it was a pink blue tooth could you actually call it a "pink tooth" ??

Kitty said...

That Techno Viking film was cool - I'm going to watch it again!

And I'm so glad you both had a fantastic Valentines Day! x

Hammer said...

I bet his surprise made valentines even better :)

I've got a new lolcats up and about 12 old ones over here: lolcats

Simply Curious said...

That has to be the cutest Valentine's Day post I've read yet. Never ever feel guilty for feeling needy. I believe that all women feel needy on V-Day. I got a bunch of little gifts in the mail from guys I know here and there, and guys I've dated and or had flings with. Normally, I'd be ecstatic getting all of these candies and stuffed animals, but for some reason, this Valentine's Day, it just kinda depressed me. Finding 'one' for me, isn't a problem. It's finding 'the one' that's proving to be hard.

That techno video was disturbing. I would've watched it again, to try and find the hilarity in it that you found, but when it started again, I still found it disturbing and closed it to come back here, read your post again, and comment.

Sounds to me like V-Day rocked, girlie. It's one you'll never forget.

Sorry that it's been so long since I've been here. I missed you!


Open Grove Claudia said...

Yea! The boy pulls through in the end. Lots of happy dancing here and a big high five for J.

I think it's really hard to have a long distance relationship. I like how you guys make it work! :)

Christie said...

How stinking cute is that! I love surprises.

random moments said...

papa - thanks! And yes, at the rate I'm going WW will have me for life. *sigh*

doc - Ha. That is kinda weird. Now I'm wondering why they call it BLUE tooth.

kitty - Isn't it so weird? I love it.

hammer - thanks! I LOVE that you post these occasionally. Its like you reminding me to laugh uncontrollably every now and then.

SCG - Hey you! I've missed you too. And your white panty bum. Hee hee. Thanks for the kind words, I just have guilt issues already so this is normal behavior for me. Lol. And the video? It IS disturbing, but I have a thing for really awkward stuff.

christie - me too! Surprises are my FAVORITE! (get it, from Elf?) *snort*

Stacie said...

Jillybean, you deserve every bit of it I'm sure! I zip you an E tomorrow on my "progress (or lack thereof)" I'm a bit behind, and still watching my mail! :)

Damsel Underdressed said...

I am so glad he came through for you. Don't feel bad for wanting some romance. It's how we women thrive!

I noticed the cloth you have under the flowers is the same print as the header on your blog. How did you do that? I love the colors of it, by the way. I always wanted to tell you that.

random moments said...

Stacie - 'bout to shoot you one too. I was a good girl last night! The mail can be soooo sllloooowwww sometimes. Grr.

damsel - boy are you right! And you have an eye on you girl! I loved that print so much that I just took a photo of it and manipulated it in my image software (PSP).

Nocturnal said...

Champagne and red roses, way to go Jillie. Good 2CU guys had a great VD.


♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said... a good v day story - even though i dont get that into it. :o) very lovely! that is a big fat YAY with a CLAPPING! :o)
***yay! clap clap clap***

Anonymous said...

ok what you just described to damsel has me confused. lol... i shouldn't even own a computer being this oblivious.

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