Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Out of Pocket

Hey peeps! I've been out of pocket for the last several days and I'm pretty sure my friend Karma has something to do with it. See, I've been hijacking my neighbor's wireless internet at home for some time now and they've just moved out. Poor me, no blogging at home.... not until Friday at least. I'm finally biting the bullet and having internet installed at the apt. You know what this means. Maniac blogging and jewelry posting. Word.

I've been making pretty bobbles like crazy and I should have the jewelries up on either Ebay or Etsy by this weekend. I'm so thrilled!

And yes, I received Bella last week finally. (My Nikon D40x, duh.) I've named her Isabella, Bella for short because she's just a beautiful piece of machinery. Then of course my first digi cam got jealous and I named her too - Mini B, after Babers and because she's the smaller of the two cams. I'm sick with it, I know. Don't ask me to get help, I like being ill. It helps the creative juices. Hello, Van Gogh cut his own ear off and look at the pieces he came up with. Pfft.

I've been asked to report my progress on WW and I shall on Friday after my weigh in. I'm definitely feeling some extra room in my slacks so I'm crossing fingers for lost poundage. Can I just praise Babers for a second? Shut it, doing it anyway. You're not the boss of me.

I love my iPod.
I love my iPod.
I love my iPod.

Without my little Nano, I would not get lost in an hour of walking. I'd be counting down the minutes. Instead, I daydream as I walk to the soundtrack of my workout. I can't remember exercise before it. Maybe I should name it too?

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Off to visit my lovelies. I've missed you so....


Open Grove Claudia said...

Of course, I made up this whole story about diamond rings, Vegas, and a certain hottie - but losing your Internet works too! ;)

Glad you're back - Good luck with the jewelry!

Tookie Tail said...

Ok, everyone. I promise insanity doesn't run in the family! I swear!
Naming cameras and iPods? What's next?
And didn't your Momma teach you to behave? Geesh! Serves you right for losing your service! :hehe:
You're beginning to sound too much like your brother and sister. You're supposed to be my good kid!
Now stay that way! :laughing:
I loves ya still anyway!

-Papa said...

When I read the part about walking for hours while listening to your nano, why does the image of RM singing loudly and off key while walking come to mind? :D

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm never without my iShuffle at the gym.

It may disturb you to learn I often chock it full of talk radio podcasts.

But when I need to conjure energy and willpower, I cue up the 80s tunes.

I'm glad to read your Nano is working out for you!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I've just been scrolling down. I've missed a few posts.

I'm getting lazy.

Anonymous said...

When I used to have a treadmill, I couldn't get on it without an hours worth of tv in front of me to watch.

I actually only use my Ipod when I have to travel, on the plane and any shuttles I have to take.

Grilled Pizza said...

I'm dieting too, arent we all this time of year!
Swimming rather than walking though, good luck :0)

Kitty said...

:-O You don't have internet at home? Jeez, I'd go bonkers without it. Good luck with the exercise! x

Stacie said...

I have missed you Jillybean! (I don't know where I come up with that one, hope you don't mind, I kinda like it!) Anyway..I've missed you! I can't wait to see pics of your Bella AND your baubles! You'll link us to your etsy and baey yes??
Hugs girlie!

Doc said...

Stealing internet.... you bad girl...

Just kidding

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

ahh there you are - was hoping for some new pics with the new cam {bella} :o)

and cant wait to see your new bobbles! :o)

a-licious :o)

Damsel Underdressed said...

Oh definitely! My workouts hurt a lot more without my iPod.

If the pants feel roomy, then you had to have lost something. Good luck!

Nocturnal said...

New toys for days, time to put that cammie to use Jillie. As for workouts, that shit will kill you young lady; I'm sure it's somewhere in the bible.


Steph said...

God knows how we ever managed in silence before the Ipod. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I totally intend on stealing internet if I can! Karma is my enemy anyway... why not?!

Anonymous said...

We have a password on our internet service.I am sure some neighbors hate us because of this. he he

I wouldn't be able to live without my music! Enjoy your ipod!

Tex's Missus said...

I'm with you on the Ipod thing - I'm absolutely lost without mine; take it everywhere with me, even (which I am loathe to admit) to the shops where I walk around completely oblivious to everyone else but lost in my own little world - completely anti-social I know....

CG said...

Your jewellery is beautiful. i'm with you on the 2walking to music" thing :)

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