Monday, April 14, 2008

Cloud 9

It's 7:45pm. I've got my jammie pants on and my feet propped up while laying on my couch. I'm thinking about a glass of wine but just not sure I feel like getting up just yet. Why? 'Cause I've had a full day.

I've struggled the last few years with accepting that I'll just be working as an administrative assistant or something of the like for the rest of my life. After 10+ years of hand crafting jewelry, I finally put my Jillry business together. Its doing great, but let's face it - I'm a one man band, not a factory. Unless I hire Gwen Stefani's hiroshuku (msp?) girls to help string my designs for maybe a waiter's hourly wage, I won't be able to make a living off my jewelry. Not yet anyway. :)

So, the business venture I spoke briefly of in a previous post has finally come together. You are now reading the blog of a Personal Chef. Yes, I'm serious. *squeal*

Tonight I had my first clients, which just so happen to be my boss and his wife. After my regular work day I stopped by Whole Foods - screeeech!!! I just have to say here how much I adore this store and wish I could shop there every day. *sigh* THEY have ARUGULA, DAMN IT!! - okay, sorry. As I was saying, I picked up the necessary groceries this evening and let myself into my clients house.

The wife would be arriving an hour later, so I had the house to myself. They live in the freaking Country Club of Louisiana, so I expected a nice house but geez, it was really fun cooking in that bad ass kitchen. I was in absolute heaven. By the time she walked in the house smelled of fresh steamed green beans and tilapia mixed with the aroma of a casserole I had baking in the oven for dinner another night.

Doing something I love and getting paid for it... I never thought I would be that lucky. But tonight, cooking in that beautiful kitchen while my client leaned over the bar picking green beans out the pot while ooing and ahhing - priceless.

As I walked out the door this evening, my client booked me for the next week. I walked out smiling, realizing that this could really be something. Her neighbor is interested in my services as well, as is my doctor. I would love to be able to do just this some day and I'm going to work my tush off to make sure it happens.

And to top it all off, my sweet, always supportive boyfriend had nothing but encouraging words to say as we talked while on my way home. For a second I think I may have heard a little pride in his voice too. :)

That's all I've got for now. I'm relishing in the after glow right now and that glass of wine is starting to sound really good...


On a limb with Claudia said...

HURRAY!! Congratulations!! WHOOO HOOOO!! I'd hire you in a second. Let's talk about recipes 'cuz I have great tasting (easy) recipes that will really impress people. Healthy too. So if you need something - I'm your girl! :)

Oh, I'm so happy for you! When does J come home?

Hammer said...

That is terrific. I can just imagine how good the food is :)

It's so great to read about someone doing what they love.

Anonymous said...

I would so hire you because I can't stand cooking dinner! LOL! Good for you for doing something you enjoy!

Polgara said...

Wow thats great, i'm really pleased for you, hope you're gonna share the recipes!!
Will there be another website for me to promote??
Pol x

Kitty said...

Yay! Hooray! Fantastic! Well done! Good for you ... I knew you could do it ;-) I'm sure this is just the beginning - you clever thing, you. x

-Papa said...

Wow, Chef RM. You've got skills. :D

Damsel Underdressed said...

That's awesome! I hope you get so busy that you have to increase your prices! Good for you!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

How industrious of you!

kelly said...

YAY Jilly! I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad that you took that big step and put yourself out there! I just know it will bring wonderful things to you.

Also- my friend that did this, talked to the local paper and they did an article on her in the 'community' section of the paper. After you get a little time in and get in a groove, you should total give a call to the local reporter to do an article! She had more than she could handle after that! :-)

minijonb said...

Whole Foods is da bomb... I'm moving to A2 in the fall and I'll finally live near one!

Ben said...

Atta girl Jillie! When your rich and famous, don't forget us little people young lady.

Keep up the good work and Congrats.


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