Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

Blues and the Wetlands

J and I had an awesome weekend. We went to the Blue Festival downtown but it wasn't what we expected. Instead of sticking around to watch a bunch of no-bra wearing old women dancing, we crossed the street to walk the levee and talk a lookie out on the boardwalk. The Mississippi was extremely high and I took some photos, but the lazy in me will post them later. :) Hey, I'm sneaking this post in between cooking for clients, exercising and cleaning, so shush.

After strolling along the boardwalk, we walked over to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and saw Hurricane on the Bayou, a film which focuses on our rapidly disappearing wetlands and the devasation Katrina brought. I was a bit surprised at how the film affected me. You would think after seeing so much on the news and so many documentaries created after Katrina that I'd get used to seeing the destruction of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Not the case.

Passports, Check

Saturday morning we got our photos taken and sent off the necessary to obtain passports. Jason's brother is getting married on a cruise ship beginning of next year and invited family to come along on the cruise. So we decided to get that item checked off our list. Now that the cruise tickets are ordered and paid for, and the passports will be here shortly, I have less anxiety about the whole situation. There's no backing out now. I can be excited.

Baber's Homecoming

J and I have been counting down. As of today we have 3 days left before he comes home for good. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm anxious, I'm ready, I think I'm in the honeymoon phase again...

Mother's Day

I love to hear what everyone does for their mothers on Mother's Day. My Mom was very helpful this year and told me she wanted a handmade sunflower wreath. Sooo, artsy fartsy me went to Hobby Lobby and picked up all the necessaries and got to work. I was so excited about trying something new and immediately dived into it and now its done! I would post a photo but Mommy Dearest reads my bloggy so I can't. What are you doing for Mother's Day?


On a limb with Claudia said...

mmm... I do love wedding cake! ;) I'm so excited that J is coming home. I know it's going to be a rough adjustment but Whoo Hoo!! Yippee

And maybe I'll finally get some wedding cake! ;)

Oh my mother... The gift I give my biological mother is to never be around her, never call or contact her. She likes that quite a bit.

Polgara said...

Mother's day here was weeks ago and my mum was on holiday so i just bought her the Delia cheats book she asked for
Bet you can't wait to have him home :0)
Pol x

fatwonkkid said...

i got my passports recently too...also for a cruise. The post office has a service where they can take your picture for you. Cool...then I found out it was $15 per person...screw that. I just whipped out the digicam, tripod, and some photoshop action, and I got some pictures for $0.50.

I was also rather surprised that it only took one week to get them in after the application was mailed out.

-Papa said...

I'm taking the mom's I know out for Sushi Brunch. :D

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the wreath!

dunno what to get my momma, but a handmade gift sounds great...

Ben said...

That blues gig sounds like a winner, live music; can't beat it.

Five bucks says after your cruise, you'll be stepping a foot over every doorway when you get home. The reason being you have to step "through" watertight doors... needless to say I fell on my ass aboard one of those damn things.

Mother's Day will be spent as usual spoiling my Mum rotten at my parental units.


Tookie Tail said...

I can't wait to see my wreath. :hehe: You and your creative self need to help me think of something for MawMaw. :)

Simply Curious said...

I bought clay and put her dogs footprints in it. baked it and framed it with photos of them. I hope she loves it...

Sorry I haven't been around much, honey. xoxo

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