Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blond Moment

(I can joke about that... I used to be one!)

So last week Babers and I met up for lunch. He had an amazing surprise for me: plans of our house. The one we will someday build together.

He had scaled the plans on a plain white sheet of paper, a rough draft but a beautiful draft to say the least. It had all the details he knew I would love: large walk-in closet, an office, a large patio with an indoor/outdoor fireplace, an open living room/kitchen floor plan... I couldn't stop staring at it.

We talked about how long it would take for us to build it and how many years we had ahead of us before we could start.

J's been looking at going back to school to become a civil engineer. It would be in the same field of work he's in now, just higher up on the totem pole with more interesting work and a fatter paycheck.

He told me that maybe we could start on it after he's been a civil engineer for a bit. After a few pay raises and years under our belts.

"You're so good at this," I told him, looking at the plans he drew, so many details, the scaling perfect.

"Civil engineer..." I thought outloud. "Maybe you should go into this. Too bad there's no such thing as a house plan engineer."

He stares at me. "You mean, an architect?" Eyebrows raised.

*shaking my head* Just another one of those moments I'm sure he lives for.


Anonymous said...

I've had my share of those moments. As soon as I said it, it's like why oh why did I just say that. Oh well.

Jay said...

Sounds like he needs to put some more work into the "civil" part.

Quiet. That joke almost works...

LindseYaYa said...

This post gave me butterflies. I love people who dare to dream...

When you find the right person *which we've all voted that you have* nothing is impossible. Meaning, aggressive and even *scary* leaps of faiths like going back to school, etc-is such a bold, and worth.while thing to go for. It answers the age.old question: Who deserves your best? Who deserves your hard work? YOUR FAMILY! And reading between the lines here, Jason has obviously found something with you that leads him to dream big for future with you. Basically, that's proof that you bring out the best in him. *blush* xo

Roxrocks said...

This post made me laugh so hard I cried! You are sooooo much like me Jill, you have no idea! That sounds exactly like something I would say!

Christie said...

We all have our moments. At some point, he'll make a mistake like that and you an turn the tables on him. Haha.

Anonymous said...


Um... didn't you guys just buy a house? hehe I love that you guys have so much going for you. It's so inspiring. I know you guys will get everything you dream of... because you guys will work to get it for each other. That's what works, that's what counts.

/giggle at architect

C said...

you guys have everything going for you. you are blessed to be able to plan these things out and have good timing. i have no doubt that you both will achieve everything you dare to dream. and because you're "good people" i bet god will give you more blessings than you thought possible.



Cheryl said...

That's just too cute.
Even the blond moment made me awwwww.

wife.mom.nurse said...


That is cute. I embrace my blonde moments. I have many ")

Stacie said...

*snicker* I love you Jilly...you and I would sooooooo get along great. At least YOU would get my jokes and things I say! LOL

Ashley said...

hahaha! I have those moments too :)

Leesa said...

Very cute.

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