Monday, March 02, 2009

We're not breaking up.

I know I've been absent lately. Know how when you're too busy on the weekends you may cut out the dusting or leave the dishes in the dishwasher? Well, I've just been cutting out blogging lately and I think its doing me some good.

Don't get me wrong, I miss writing and reading, but there's just so much on my plate lately with all the custom orders I've been receiving, along with being a good new sister in law, wife, daughter, etc.

I'm almost done with the bridal jewelry for my sis-in-law to be. That's a HUGE weight that will be lifted. While I love custom orders, I also feel very married to the process and therefore do nothing but eat, sleep and dream it, and whether or not the bride will love the pieces.

Well, she did love them, so yay! Along with that, this Saturday I was out the house at 8:30 am with a quick kiss from my patient hubby and an armful of camera. We took the bride's bridal shots at Rosedown. We had a great time and I took a total of 291 photos. So you see, I'll be editing those for the next week. Which of course, I love to do but man is it time consuming!

Back home at 2pm and then back out again at 6pm for the bride's last night as a single woman!

While the plans that supposedly were in place failed: a supposed limo, a supposed reservation for dinner - we were still in great moods and had a blast. And with my SIL-to-be's consent, Babers came out to meet us. So I got some much needed blues music and dancing with my love in.

All in all a very fun but very exhausting weekend. I think I may be getting old. ;)

I'll be posting photos soon. I'm not going away forever. There are three weeks before the wedding/cruise, and I'm going to cut myself some slack. Take a break. Go for a walk. Blog when I can. Finish up my orders and sit back with the last book of the Twilight series. Cuddle with my loving husband. You know the drill.

Seriously do miss you guys. I'll be in the shadows, reading you when I have time. I hope you don't forget about me in the meantime. Kiss kiss!


Ashley said...

Hey, you are totally allowed to take a break from blogging with that schedule...and you have Twilight Series reading to do! I KNOW how much time that takes up! :)

Do you also do photography as well as jewelry?

Roxrocks said...

My kid keeps telling me to read those books too, they are sitting in a pile next to the table. I should just get to it.

AJ said...

Taking a break is NOT okay... lol;-). Well, make sure you are done with your hiatus by the time I go on maternity leave, I will need to outside world connection more than ever! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and take it easy. I too have been a bit overwhelmed lately and I kinda have been slacking off too. Sometimes you just have to. But I do miss reading your blog so come back when you can.


C said...

i think we all need a break sometimes. enjoy!
i'll be here when you get back.


Kitty said...

Just reading about you doing it made me feel tired! Hope everything goes and plan, and look forward to seeing you when you get back here. x

Stacie said...

You absolutely should take this time to yourself as much as you can...Family and self always come before blogging..we all know that!

Glad you're having some fun in the mix as well..

Love ya.

Tina said...

There you are!! we missed you!!

C said...

hey jill, i was listening to your audio tracks... jeff healy's angel eyes was one of me and david's songs back in the day. bittersweet memories. thank you. also, sadly, did you know jeff died last year? cancer. i was sad. he was a beautiful man.
anyhoo, missing ya. take care...


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