Friday, March 13, 2009

Five Dollar Fridays are HERE!

Hello lovelies!

I have a new, irresistable deal going on now. However, you MUST play by the rules if you want the discount! Meaning, this deal starts on FRIDAYS.

On Fridays only, if you purchase two or more items from my shop, you receive them at just $5 DOLLARS EACH! Yes, I'm crazy.

To receive this offer, place items in your cart and message me for an invoice reflecting the super discount!

Please note: all items in shop apply except for necklaces. Items must be placed in cart after midnight on Thursdays to receive the discount.

Local ladies: You can simply email me or message me through Facebook or Myspace with the items you want to purchase. Five Dollar Fridays are also taking place at Salon Trio in Central. Check out my stash of Jillry there as well!

- Please be aware that all of my items are one of a kind, with just a few exceptions, so this is first come first serve. I go by time on Etsy convos and emails. -

Also, if you're in town, I'm available on Five Dollar Fridays to drop by your office with my stash during lunch. With a full time job, I just can't seem to find the time to list every jewelry item I create, so I have a large stash of goodies just waiting to be worn.

Visit Jillry online

Thanks for shopping! And, GOOD LUCK! :)


Christie said...

I want something, but fear my husband will lose his damn mind if I buy one more thing. The Twilight movie nearly put him over the edge. I haven't told him about GQ yet. Maybe they'll have some dirty pictures for him in it or something?

C said...

hey jill! was wondering where you have been... glad to see you back! i have been wearing my lovely circle of life earrings and my daughter is trying to get them from me! i love browsing through your store. you are SO creative and talented, hon!


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