Thursday, March 19, 2009

Five Dollar Fridays will resume

As most of you know, I'm leaving out this Sunday for a week long cruise. I was going to shut the shop down tonight but after many requests to leave it open, I've decided against closing it.

SO - the shop stays open. Five Dollar Friday is on tomorrow! Now, to keep the confusion down and so that I won't have to create invoices for you this time, I'm going to pre-price the items and place them in a section of their own. Of course, I'll label it Five Dollar Friday Section. You can just place the items in the cart and go forth with the purchase.

The deal still goes that you must purchase two or more items from my shop to receive them at just $5 each. And again, only the items I place in that section will apply.

Still working out the kinks girls... thanks for your patience. Also, right now my shop isn't nearly as full as I like it, so I'll be back with lots of inspiration from Mexico to create new pieces to stuff my lil shop silly at my return.

Lub and hugs,


P.S. - Just email me if you have questions!

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