Friday, March 20, 2009

Drinks with Umbrellas

A bloggy friend of mine asked me to sip on an umbrella drink for her while I'm away on the cruise. I was already excited that its finally Friday, the weekend is finally here, but her mention of all drinks tropical really has me jittery. J and I pretty much checked out for the week this past Wednesday. I'm pretty useless to the office today.

Sunday is the wedding. Afterwards, we'll be setting sail to Costa Maya, Santo Tomas, Belize City and Cozumel. All I can think of is the warm sun on my skin, pina coladas, playing with Babers on our excursions, snorkeling and wearing flip flops every day. It feels like we just came back from our honeymoon and we're already heading to Mexico again. A friend of mine is planning her destination wedding in Mexico come this December, which we'll be attending, so it seems Mexico is already starting to become our thing.

I'll be out for a week but will definitely come back tanned, refreshed and inspired, with lots of pictures to share with you and hopefully some new ideas for my jewelry.

See you guys soon. Viva Mexico!


Jay said...

Have fun. Just don't drink the water. Remember, tequila has been distilled and is always safe to drink!

Ben said...

Enjoy you two and be careful with all the shit going on down there you guys. My Sister actually just got back from there on a cruise gig, they said Manzanillo (never hear of it) rocked.

NINjoy U2 Jillie.


Roxrocks said...

Travel safe Jill! I can't wait to hear all about the trip. I hope it's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just build that home your planning there... haha

Hope you have fun! And take Jay's advice!

Cheryl said...


Stacie said...

How was my drink? ;P

I just know you guys are going to have a fabulous time! Yay for snorkeling..I LOVE snorkeling. And yay for umbrella drinks! and yay for sun!!! whooooohooooooo!

Veronica said...


Real Live Lesbian said...

Have fun! Drink one for me, too!

C said...

oh jill! i am SO jealous. you lucky dawgs, you! please be careful. seems like there is crime everywhere anymore. stay safe. cant wait for da pictures.


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