Monday, March 29, 2010

Bump Bump Bump

Good morning. Its 7am Tuesday morning. Even though I'm relapsing on this cold, again, I had a great night's sleep. Pregnancy has completely changed me and its all about learning what works for you to get through it as comfortably as possible. For me, a good night's sleep means exhausting yourself during the day...

Today I am 18 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I promised you baby bump pics, so here you go:

Still kind of hard to see, but its THERE. I am completely past the days of sleeping on my tummy now. And I still haven't mastered the side-sleeping position. My pre-pregnancy pants no longer have a chance.

Cravings: Still love my oranges, but since it became a little warmer out I'm using them for Orange Julius drinks. So refreshing! I'll share the recipe in a following post.

Also can't get enough Raisin Bran Crunch with sliced strawberries and/or bananas. Thankfully I'm craving healthy stuff and spend way too much time in the produce section of the grocery store these days!

Names: Definitely want to use Jason's middle name Isaac if its a bebe boy. Not sure if we'll use it as a middle or last name. We've tossed a few names around but for some reason I'm feeling very protective of the names we've picked. The last thing I want to see is someone scrunch up their nose at a name we love. I may share later on.

Finding out the sex: 3 more weeks.

Size of the baby: 5 1/2 inches long, the length of a bell pepper. (Is a bebe-pepper?)

Changes in me: The belly is protruding a little more these days. I went to the zoo this weekend with Jen, Toot and Baber and wore a fitted non-maternity top (that used to be loose on me, WAH!) and Jen said I finally look pregnant, so we took a pic of my belly.

A very surprising change: I'm suddenly a milk drinker. As a baby I was lactose intolerant and never really got over my dislike for milk. Now, I find myself fixing a bowl of cereal just to down the sweet milk leftover.

Changes in husband: He's putting his hand/ear/face on my belly every chance he gets. And still very protective, which I'm loving every minute of. :)

My next appointment: April 19th. Ultrasound!


Amanda Kay said...

Aw. Thanks for post like this! I think pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and I really enjoy hearing about you talk about it. You make me so excited to start my own family. You are going to be such an amazing mom!

Christie said...

You are too adorable for words, Jilly! You look so cute.

kelly at keeping up with kelly said...

you look so cute!!!!!

Nature Girl said...

you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever met in my life. Not because of the bump, but because of your personality. Every day I wish I was more like you. I just adore you!

Ok, now enough of that mushy stuff!
You look FAB!!


C said...

awww so cute to see you pregnant and to hear you talking mama-to-be!

this is so wonderful... you guys are beaming and i can see the glow here in nebraska!


Lynn Hood said...

You are so adorable and talented, I will share my favorite baby name with you. It's very different and probably for a girl but here it is "Keikilani" it is pronounced k-key-lani it is hawaiian for heavenly child. My first child, a girl, is named "Leilani" pronounced lay-lani. It means heavenly flower. I was stationed in Hawaii at the time of her birth and my good friend's middle name was Leilani. She is my own little piece of Hawaii.
Oh and far as the cold, I hope you feel better soon. I was told when I was pregnant that the sniffles are just part of it. It must be, for me any, had the sniffles while pregnant with my second child also.
Good luck on the name search.

Sydney said...

Look how friggen cute you are!! I just think "bump" photos are amazing. And that is one definite BUMP =D

LindseYaYa said...

I love your blues.
I love your oranges.
I love your reds.
I love your bebe.belly.

You are a lovely little creature inside and out. xo

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