Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camping at Lake Lincoln

Yes, I'm a bit behind on blogging. Hopefully I can get a pregger update on here next. But first, our relaxing camping weekend getaway at Lake Lincoln, MS...

Our campsite. Unpacking took literally minutes, though done mostly by the Baberhusband. (I love having the I-can't-carry-anything-heavy excuse!)

Beware of alligators? ALLIGATORS? Seriously???

Mini enjoyed riding in the truck, windows down, exploring the entire campsite. Next time we'll camp near the lake. By the alligators. *stare*

I got a kick out of this church: GODDIDIT. Did what? I mean, we know he's responsible for... a lot... but I'm wondering if they were speaking of something very specific?

Our weekend went a little something like this:

Build fire.
Stoke fire.
Read magazines.
Explore the grounds.
Take a walk.
Watch The Office before bedtime in the camper.

We also wrote in the Belly Book! That was one of our favorite parts.

J has already booked another weekend getaway for us in May. Hopefully it won't be too hot by then. All in all it was a very much needed, relaxing weekend. And hubby made me feel like a princess with a steak dinner Saturday night and pretty much not allowing me to lift a hand all weekend.

Feels good to be spoiled. :)

1 comment:

S and O said...

that looks like such fun :) I need to go camping this Summer, I haven't been in ages.

gorgeous pictures!!!


p.s. How have you been doing? ^_^

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