Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Orange Julius Recipe

This concoction is so easy, with so few ingredients it feels weird calling it a "recipe". Made of oranges, water, ice and sweetner, this refreshing drink is a hit in my book for the hotter months.

You will need a juicer - I have just a regular old fashioned cheapie from Walmart that works great - plus a measuring cup. I love to pick a pretty pitcher to put it in when serving company.


medium to large oranges (think 1 orange per person)
sweetner (2 for each orange used)

Slice oranges in half and juice. Pour into measuring glass. If you like pulp, scoop a little in the measuring glass too. Note the amount of liquid juiced and add a 1/3 water to the orange juice. For example, if you juice 3 cups, then add one cup of water. For a more concentrated juice, use less water.

I like my orange julius's pretty sweet, so for each orange I add two sweet n low packets.

If you plan to serve immediately to guests, pour juice, water, and sweetner into a blender, filling it halfway with ice. Blend well, leaving chunky bits of ice.

Or you can just pour into a pitcher for the fridge and serve over ice when you're craving a sweet and refreshing treat!


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Teresa said...

Oh, my hubby and I make something similar to this except we add soy milk. It's so refreshing and the perfect way to cool off in the hotter months!


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