Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools Day

I didn't sleep a wink last night, so I had a lot of time to think. This time of year always brings back fond memories... April Fool's Day reminds me of my Maw Maw, and then of course Mother's Day reminds me of Mom. I'll save Mom memories for a post closer to Mother's Day.

My Maw Maw and Paw Paw were soulmates, to say the least. Paw Paw spoiled the hell outta her and she took care of him every day of their life together. I remember her saying that she laid his clothes out to wear on the bed every morning for him, now that's love! They both had a great love for pranking each other and their loved ones, especially on April Fools Day.

When my Paw Paw died 11 years ago, my grandmother was shook up to say the least. I suggested moving in with her, told her someone needed to take care of her for a change. (My Maw Maw cared for my Paw Paw through his years of diabetes, up to the last moment of his life.) Well, it still ended up the other way around, she's a natural care-giver at heart.

The short year I lived there with her, we made a lot of hilarious memories. At night, she would sit in her lounge chair, me on one end of the couch. As soon as she'd turn off the tv, signaling bed time, it was ON. We'd have a race to see who could get ready for bed the fastest. Wash face, teeth, brush hair, change into pjs, jump into bed and turn the light off. The light was the "finish line". "I BEEEEAT CHUUUU!!" She would squeal at me from the other room, or me to her. I let her win a lot, just so I could hear that.

I can't remember what we did to one another for April Fools, but I remember that day triggered our pranking. Sometimes I would feign tummy aches just before bed to leave the den before her and hide behind her bedroom door while she turned the tv off and made her way in the back. As she passed through her doorway I would scare her; sometimes it would be a low growl, sometimes I would laugh real high-pitched in a ridiculous baby voice, sometimes I would just say Boo!

I know, its a HORRIBLE thing to do to a then mid 70's-year-old woman, but it always ended up in this huge giggle fest. As soon as she would shriek, I would fall out from behind the door to the floor in one of those laughing fits you nearly cried from, her laughing and cursing me, threatening me the whole time. Oh, believe me, she got me back. Don't you feel sorry for her! :)

So yeah, every year around this time I think of her. I've run out of pranks for her, but on the rare occasion I have a good one to call her about on April Fools, I'm sure to get an earful about past pranks her and Paw Paw played on each other.

April Fools will always remind me of those memories. I think I need to call and tell her so this morning.

Hope everyone has a great day! Anyone have any great prank stories from April Fools? Please share if so!


Sydney said...

Too funny! Sounds like the two of you can be some trouble makers ;)

LindseYaYa said...

Grandparents are so special. Thanks for sharing. xo

Anonymous said...

i''m catching up here. glad the pregnancy is going well. i remember i couldn't drink orange juice when i was pregnant, it gave me heartburn.

S and O said...

awwww how sweet! that game you and your Maw Maw played sounds like fun -- racing to get to bed :)

My parents pulled this mean joke on me and my sister one time (ok well it was actually really hilarious, just not at the time it was happening), me and the sister were sleeping snuggly in our rooms on a Saturday morning when in rush our parents at around 5:50 am screaming and yelling for us to get up and see the snow that's pouring down in heavy sheets in our front yard.
Sarah and I were half asleep and yawning as we rolled out of bed and followed our parents to our living room in a hurry.
When we get to the living room our dad is like, 'there do you see the snow?' as he points out of our huge glass window...Sarah and I rub our eyes, blink and stare out the window but we don't see any snow, because as we eventually remembered -- it doesn't snow in California (where we live), lol! You could probably imagine how we felt, tricked, grumpy and very foolish, and to make matters worse our parents got the whole thing on tape! :)

I hope your having a great Easter!!


Jerry Goudeau said...

I can hear/see ya'll now.. She is always ready for April Fools Day. By the way, we are excited for you and Jason. I know your mom & dad are too! CONGRATULATIONS!

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