Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a boy!

By now, you've probably all heard that we're having a baby boy, so this post is for me, for Baber, for baby, so that I can continue to log and remember the little things about this crazy-amazing thing called pregnancy.

Baber started counting down the days prior to "The Appointment". One week! 4 more days! 2 more days! I found the closer we got to the sonogram appointment, the harder I dug my heels into Time. Stoooppp! Let's wait a little longer. I was actually jittery-nervous the day of the appointment.

The actual sonogram was a wonderful experience in itself. We walked into the room and the sweet technician introduced herself and dimmed the lights... and I swear I felt like I was in a movie, it was so... surreal? This is it, I thought. We're already here and the rest is going to fly by.

J joked about them needing a bigger flatscreen to view baby on and grabbed hold of my hand. After showing us our baby's profile and feet, she confirmed again that we wanted to know the sex.

Well there he is and he's not shy at all! says the technician. I could only see J's profile but he had the biggest grin on his face. A boy!! And then there were tissues and jokes about our son's package, sonogram photos printed and well wishes given. I hope I never forget that day.

Here's are some photos of us the day of the big appointment, 21 weeks along:

And my usual pregnancy log....

Today I am 22 weeks, 5 days pregnant. Funny enough, I started feeling the baby move right after the sonogram. For weeks J and I were laying in bed with his hand on my tummy, trying to concentrate and feel the baby. Nothing. But last week I started feeling him move around and J would rush over to place his hand on my tummy. "There! You feel it?" and disappointment would register on his face as he shook his head. Well, he finally felt him kick one night and now we lay in bed and feel the little bugger cut up before nigh nigh. Its such an incredible feeling.

Cravings: I expected to have some crazy cravings, but I still really don't crave anything specific. Just whatever I see on TV, ha! I'm wanting to crunch ice like I did early in my pregnancy, so snowcones are a favorite treat, but we've only stopped for a couple since the summer officially started. Basically, I just want food in general. :)

Names: The more we talk, the more we want to keep the name private until closer to time. We do have a couple that we are talking about, but nothing fully decided on yet.

Size of the baby: A little over a pound and 10 inches or so in length.

Changes in me: I feel really, really good these days. Besides a little lower back pain after a long day of work, I'm fine. Balance is lost as is my memory. I weeble wobble down the halls in the morning, I think I need to bumper pad the walls. I'm always in a great mood. My skin looks healthier... and so do my thighs. *snicker*

Changes in husband: What can I say? He's... everything I could ask for and more. Supportive. Helpful. My best friend. Tells me I'm pretty every single day, laughs when I gawk at my belly in the mirror, brings me to get snowcones even when he doesn't want one. Consoles me when I fuss about my fluffiness. Tucks me into my pillow fort at night. Rubs my belly before bed, a great comfort that lulls me into sleep.

He and I both have been working insane hours, so considering the stress and lack of time spent together, its a wonder we haven't bitten each other's heads off. Instead, we get into bed as early as we can and talk. About work. Life. Our son. On the rare day he gets off early, we sneak off to the river with our puppy monster and a towel to sprawl on for some lazy family time. Mini loves these rare occasions best, she squeezes in between us and begs for pets. Runs circles around us and through us, trying to see how sandy she can get us. She knows something is up.

That's it for today. Until next time... xo


Polgara said...

I'm jealous! (but pleased for you!)
Another girl for us :0)
Pol x

Polgara said...
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Margen said...

JIlli!!! So excited about the little Baber-boy :) You are going to be such a great mom- it's amazes me that i feel that I know you through your blog even though I have only met you once in person :) *smiles* guess we are just more alike that i thought!

So congrats to you and Jason. Y'all are going to be great parents and already love this little one so much- you can tell!!

Christie said...

I don't think it can be said enough, you guys are truly adorable and this baby will grow up knowing his parents love each other. That is so precious to a child.

C said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a BOY! he will forever be the big brother to any other kidlets you may have..

how wonderful is that!

i just cant wait to see him...

enjoy every moment hon, just as you guys are, because trust me it DOES go by way toooooo faast!

hugs & blue ballQQns to you!


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