Friday, January 26, 2007

Childhood Partner in Crime

After posting the page of Jen & I, daydreams of childhood began to flood my mind. When I think about my sister and me as youngins, I always think of the same things: playing Barbies, refusing to let my brother in on any game, and best of all, fucking with my parents.

One entire summer my sister and I spoke only in song. Meaning, if we had to say anything to each other or to our mother, we would sing it. “Pass the ketchup, pllee-eeaa-sseee!” The agony on my mother’s face only fueled it. At first she fussed at us and then she stopped and pretended to ignore us or not be bothered by it. Now, as an adult, I realize she was trying to pull some child psychology tricks on us that she learned from college to make us stop. When they realize they aren’t getting my attention from their antics, they will stop. I just shake my head thinking at how psych didn’t even work on my sister and I.

Jen and I shared a room with twin beds until around the age of 11. When we were younger and down for bedtime, we would shove our faces into our pillows and yell curse words. “SHIT!” “DAMN!!” It was very liberating for a 9 and 6 year old. The best was letting out ear-piercing screams into our pillows. Just hearing your own muffled scream is for some reason freakin hilarious. Okay well, it was for us.

After letting out a long, muffled, terrifying scream into our pillows, one of our parents would walk down the hall to scold us.

“Girls! Get to sleep! Your brother is in the room next and you’re keeping him awake.”

Of course we always played the innocent card and pretended to be asleep. Sucking in a loud breath and opening our sleepy eyes we’d say “Whhaaa Maa? What did you say we were sleeping.”

Back then we thought we were being so slick. Mom would walk back down the hall and once we’d hear her settle onto the couch we’d smother our faces again and let out more screams. I’m laughing just thinking about it.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You and your sister are charming.

Is your brother in therapy?

Michelle Sanders said...

Ahhh those were the days. You are still a freak though.'s true.

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