Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekend of Camping

It seems as if I’m having a lot of “firsts” lately. Jason purchased a camper trailer to live in for his new job. He’ll be moving to a small city a couple hours away in the next few months. (I know, *wah*, I’ll save details for a later post.) So, what better way to break in the new toy than by taking it on a camping trip.

At first I was on an emotional rollercoaster about this whole camper trailer thing. Having new toys to play with is always exciting, and being able to use it for travel is so great... BUT... this camper trailer will be housing my boyfriend for around a year. He will no longer be sleeping with me during the week, he'll be sleeping with her. He will be with her after work every day instead of me. I have decided to call her The Bitch.

Playing house in The Bitch was fun though. What a weekend. We did a whole lot of nothing, but the fact that all errands, laundry, and life’s demands were non-existent at Chicot campgrounds made that whole lot of nothing extremely satisfying. Cleansing even.

We built fires all weekend and ate really bad but good food, played very competitive games of rummy, slept on rigged up pillows made of towels stuffed into t-shirts because Jason forgot the pillows from home and even went boating.

You could hear the boats less than a mile away from our site on the lake, so Jason and I set out to rent one Saturday morning. The girl at the office runs Jason’s debit card, hands us those gorgeous life vests and then hands us... two paddles. We just cracked up. We assumed they would be motor boats. Well, you know what happens when you assume. Let’s say it together “you make an ASS of U and ME”. Jason, me and the paddle boat didn't last 10 minutes together, but it made for good pictures.

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Michelle Sanders said...

Bwwhhaaaaa! A pattle boat! AHhhhhaaahaaha! *sigh* that figures. Great pics too!

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