Friday, January 12, 2007

Beware the Old Friend’s contact

I just recently decided that it’s okay to not have a “best” friend or to not have many friends for that matter. I do have a few close friends that I completely adore and love hanging and chatting with but it’s just been a while since I’ve had a bff (ha, I had to) that really gets me.

I’m not pouting about this, I’m very much a loner and am totally okay with this. This is mainly me putting it out in the universe that I’m A-okay with it. That being said, an old friend contacted me just recently and for a second I was a bit hopeful. She was my best friend for around 20 years. We went through high school and college together and share many crazy memories. So when she contacted me I guess I thought “maybe we could catch up.” I responded to her first email and when she responded to mine I got a big ole slap in the face.

She wanted to invite me to her Pampered Chef party. You know, one of those parties you host and receive all kinds of discounts and free stuff depending on how many people you get to attend? Yep. I should have known. When she contacted me a couple years earlier it was to let me know she had just become a Mary Kay consultant and “did I want to buy some beauty products?”

Some people are just so dense. How can you not know that’s rude or in the least just inconsiderate? To just one day out of the blue call someone up to solicit after not being in touch for years?

Okay, ranting over with.


Dave Morris said...

Sheesh. With friends like that...

Sorry about that. It sucks when you get your hopes up, then realize most people are self-centered jerks.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm sorry your friend was hitting you up for a sale.

I'm a loner, too. Big time. I have one close friend at work which would disintegrate the minute I quit my job, and one close friend outside of work. We speak and go out about once per month.

Other than that, it's my wife, my kid, my gym and my computer.

Michelle Sanders said...

HOW RUDE! >Said in my best Michelle Tanner voice<
Yeah, I don't think you will be drowning in your tears over that one. As for close friends....well I aint got many. I mean, besides sugarbut (who lives in TX for the love of God!) you are it darlin. Things change. People change and most are not very apologetic about it. It doesn't even seem to bother them. One day (say after you get pregnant) they just stop calling. They just some coming around. And I'm Ok with that. I mean I have friends who I kept up with weekly, even daily...we went out, we got drinks, we went to dinner, even walked in my wedding and then suddenly... nothing. Not even an acknowledgement that I had a baby. Not even an appearance at my baby shower. Nothing. I mean good friends since kindergarten and then NOTHING. That hurts. Bad. Just when you need your friends the most. Just when you are more emotional than you will ever be in your life. Just when you need to talk, cry, laugh and bond... Nothing. (I think you know exactly who I'm speaking of.) It's the thoughtful, good natured people like us that are hurt by it all. I mean I know we all grow up and grow apart and all that good stuff but sometimes that lack of communication and that lack of sincerity really hits you hard. And can take you to a really pitiful, dark place and fill you with sadness. (coming from a very touchy post partum woman) I can only relate it to jealousy. I know that is so arrogant of me to say that but really, I can think of no other reason, other than they can't stand to see the happiness I have that they do not. They can't stand to see all their hopes and dreams in someone else's life. I can't think of any other reason...ya know. Now are gonna make me wanna post a deep, profound post on my blog about this. DAMN IT JILL!

LindseYaYa said...

Okay- you gotta get even! Yeah, I said it. Send her A CHAIN LETTER! Or my mother in law, either way I think it would get the point across nicely! Plus, if I lived in BR, we would be bestest friends. I know we would be... bc you have nice eyes and have creative bones. Plus, I am already your cyber-stalker. That counts for something.

As for Sugarbutt's post- well I am just gonna say it. That skank she's talking about is ugly and fat. Yeah- I'm not kidding. She wears terrible, cheap clothes that accentuate everything ugly about her. I assume her brain is pea-size unlike her alianly large boobs. Did I mention I hate her guts too? Nobody messes with my Sugarbutt. I can't spit all this hate to her... bc she'll just feel uncomfortable and feel the odd urge to defend her. So, I will rant vicariously to you! Let's just say, if the skank has the pleasure to see me again... I plan on telling her a thing or two. If you wanna, we can both do it. It'll be fun... then we can scrap it!

Seriously- Nobody puts Sugarbutt the corner!

*I get a little testy when it comes to ma girls! xo

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