Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Bull named Cow

Oh yeah, you know those machines. They are strategically placed in the exits of Walmarts just to entice your children as you are trying to escape out the door. They rob your change pocket and disappoint your kids.

Or do they?

J and I were waiting on a table at a restaurant on our last night of vacation when one of these machines caught his eye.

"Want me to win an animal for you?" He asks me, all sugar coated.

"Yes please," I reply, looking underneath my eyelashes at him like a teenager at a festival with her new crush.

J puts in two quarters and asks me what stuffed prize I want.

"The cow," I say.

Can you believe he gets the damn stuffed cow it on the first try? Bystanders gasp, my mouth drops, he turns around looking at me almost like he's embarrassed at how easy it was.

"I've never seen that happen," says a woman standing beside me. I smile sheepishly and take the cow from him.

The cow turned out to be great company.

Of course, I named her Cow. J says you can't name a male bull Cow and points out the animal's horns. And I did notice she doesn't have any utters either, but I still refer to Cow as a "her" while J refers to her as a "he".

Anyways, she's a lively one. Drank us both under the table and could barely wait for J to get the second batch of margaritas out.


jason said...

Damn cow drank all my beer too. I hope he wets his bed

random moments said...

Wets HER bed. Cow is a SHE!!

*smooch* Its about time you leave a comment... ;)

it's the little things... said...

Now we know why they are so hard to get from the machines...

fatwonkkid said...

my wife has a female turtle (the living kind, no the stuffed kind) by the name of George

Christie said...

Ah, look how cute Cow is! I am very impressed with her drinking and smoking skills.

Anonymous said...

Forget the cow... check out the sexy Jason man muscle in the last pic! Rock on sista!



Was he doing that on purpose just so he looked good? LOL

congrats on the addition to your little family! :-)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Cute cow.

And I could NEVER forget you, RM. Hell, I've come back a few times just to look at the pics.

Chunks said...

Crazy cow! Clearly it's a girl cow. Boy cows have tassels. :)

-Papa said...

I think Cow should sport a tribal tat like Jason's.

Jenny! said...

That is amazing...he won that? I have never seen that happen either...that boy has talent!

Nocturnal said...

That cow is living large to say the least, well done.


NamesAreHardToPick said...

Whatever, this is a conspiracy to bring alcoholic milk to the market! Admit it!

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