Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye Beach

Back from vacation.

Goodbye warm white sand, goodbye soothing waves, goodbye gulf winds and summer sun.

Goodbye lack of agendas, phone calls, and to-dos, goodbye lazy mornings on the balcony and evenings sipping margaritas.

Goodbye enjoying the silence with J, and the huge wasteful space of that king size bed.

Goodbye late night walks holding hands with my sweetie, making out under the stars while the water races up the shore to tickle our feet.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Back to reality.

Feeling quite dreamy today, replaying the long weekend. Apart from the one evening I played photographer for my friend’s beach wedding, Babers and I spent most of our time doing absolutely nothing together and loved every minute of it. My favorite thing about vacation is the weightless feeling you get after crossing over your state line, knowing that for the next week (give or take a few days) you have zero responsibility. What’s your favorite part?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

yay! I missed you! Glad you had fun! Great pics.

fatwonkkid said...

to make you feel more like on vacation you should get a king sized bed!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That first part reads like a James Blunt song.

In Ink said...

Just about to find out my favorite part but I expect it to be pretty close to the 'zero responsibility' thing you mentioned.

/eeewww word verification

random moments said...

Kelly - thanks! There's more waiting to be developed. *nervous* These are just from the digicam.

fatwonkkid - nice to have all that space but kinda weird to be so far away from j. We have to be touching in some way while sleeping and in a king sizer its hard to do!

lbb - not a big fan of JB. I think I had the children's book Good Night Moon in my head.

in ink - yeah I despise word verification just as much as the next person, but I've had my fill of spammer comments.

-Papa said...

My favorite part are the few moments when you're just about to leave work to start on the vacation nothingness. It's like when you're really hungry, and the waitress delivers your food, it's the moment just before you bite into the dish you've been craving all day. That's my favorite part.

Chunks said...

My favorite part is when you come home and then settle back in and then think of all that you did while you were gone. The reflection of it always intrigues me. Of course, this is because I suck at living in the moment! lol!

Welcome back! Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Coming back from vacation is horrible. I could really use one, though....

Steph said...

LOVE that weightless feeling. Nothing beats it, sorry you had to return to reality but glad you're back blogging ;)

Jenny! said...

A nice little get a way is nice...coming back can be a bummer though! Glad you back!

Nocturnal said...

Welcome home, I'm sure U2 put the beach to good use over there.


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