Friday, September 21, 2007

Out on the Town

I went out last night for a friend's birthday. She and I had dinner first and then met up with her sisters and a few friends after to see a live band and have a few drinks. I was surprised at how different it felt to be out in the bar scene, this time around being a taken women. And to be honest, its been a while since I've been out.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable I felt. There was no pressure. I was comfortable in the sense that I wasn't tensed up, worrying about having to fend off "undesirables" (as LBB puts it) and wasn't worried about my girlfriends getting trashed and hooking up with some random guy to leave me finding a ride home (which didn't happen often in my single days, but I did happen a couple times none the less).

I felt calm as I sat back and watched my friend, the birthday girl, get hit on by some guy. I was entertained by the obvious hunt in front of my eyes with the men and women in the bar: 2-3 men huddled together with their beer, staring at a group of women dressed to the nines, just waiting for their time to pounce. Eventually the groups of men and women became mingled groups, and a little later those groups became couples. Surely the alcohol helped this process along.

Anyway, just observing. Even though I did have a lot of fun, I was happy when it was time to go home. When it comes down to it, I'm just a pajama-loving homebody.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


fatwonkkid said...

sounds like Wild Kingdom on the National Geographic Channel...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

How sweet. Yeah, bars are fun when you have a significant other. I took the wife out for her birthday, clubbing you know, and had a blast.

-Papa said...

This parallels the next post I'm working on.

Chunks said...

Oh the rubby-dubbies in the bar...ugh! The thing I can't handle is the smoke. Bleh. Anyway, enquiring minds want to know, what band did you see?!

Chunks said...

I JUST noticed you are a scrapbooker! OMG. I heart you!

Except now I am having deja-vu and wonder if this truly is the first time I noticed you are a scrapbooker or if I am officially losing my mind?

Nocturnal said...

Roger that re:pickup bars. I'd rather chill in an Irish pub with some old timers.

Have a nice weekend jammies style.


Ari said...

Many anthropological studies can be done at bars, malls, and Wal-Mart. :)

Anonymous said...

went out friday. Got harrassed and annoyed. If it weren't for the great people at my table I would have HATED it. I am sorry guys, but you can be so annoying sometimes. I hate getting hit on at bars. I know that may be weird, but it just seems cheap and I would never date a guy I met at a bar. It is like a rule or something...

random moments said...

fatwonkkid - exactly! It was kinda creepy.

lbb - Uh oh, did she table dance? It can definitely be fun when you have your significant other with you. And the alcohol involved usually promises a reward afterwards. haha!

papa - looking forward to seeing that post!

chunks - ugh, I know what you mean about rubby dubbies - one random dubby grabbed my hand asking where my "ring" was that night and I kept wiping my hands on my beer bottle's condensation to get the ew! off.

Saw the Chris LeBlanc band - they're a local band that play all the great 70's & 80's rock songs.

Are you a scrappy too??!!

nocturnal - thanks! We only have one irish-style pub called Happy's but it's a college hang out. *sigh*

ari - agreed! You can almost write a novel after a day observing people in Walmart.

kelly - ha! Should have flashed your mase a few times. I always said the same thing - I could never date a guy I met in a bar, and yet I made that mistake a few times with much punishment.

The funny thing is - J and I knew each other from way back, but when we hooked up for good it all started one night in a bar when we ran into each other. Ironic right?

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