Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Whole Lot of NOTHING

This past weekend was H E A V E N. Babers and I trekked along the sand and water on the 4 wheeler Saturday and Sunday enjoying the calm of nature (and a slightly high river from all the rain), got a little tan on, talked to each other mostly in British accents on Saturday and hung out with friends while eating J's special recipe for the most delicious fried fish. Mmm!

Yesterday for Labor Day we did a b s o l u t e l y NOTHING. And loved every minute of it. This included a couple of tasks needy of about as much energy as a slug uses - trip to the grocery for humongous steaks and grilling said steaks. Before that we watched tv for about 3 hours straight, and after dinner for another 3-4 hours straight. And I didn't feel the least bit guilty for doing so.

And it must be said that I was a complete princess yesterday - J grilled for us and cleaned up for us. I have the bestest boyfriend in the world! *Doing my happy dance*

We watched Fracture last night - pretty decent movie. J and I both feel like the movies being produced lately just aren't up to par. The last movie we saw that we both really enjoyed was 300. Beautiful cinematography, awesome story line, and hell, I even enjoyed the enormous amounts of blood shed and strategically piled up dead body walls. And eh hmm, the uh, actors were great eye candy too (sorry babers!!). Not that I like that sort of thing, buffed up men. Not my style.

We have another seriously awesome weekend coming up - vacation time! J and I are going on a long weekend to the beach for some relaxing and we'll also be attending a good friend of mine's wedding on the beach. So, I'll be out of commission (hopefully due to lots of coconut based cocktails) for blogging for a bit. Not that you'll miss me or anything (getting out the fishing pole) but I will be back to lurk on everyone's blogs and leave my usual obnoxious comments next week.


Chunks said...

Come back to us soon and enjoy yourself while you are gone!

Oh and all boyfriends cook. It's when they become HUSBANDS that they seem to lose all culinary skills. At least mine did!

Jenny! said...

Sounds nice...the best is spending your extra day off doing NOTHING!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Yes, I'll miss you. I'll even settle for the coconut based cocktail inebriate if you can find your way to the Internet somehow.

The movie 300 blew dog.

fatwonkkid said...

300 was a real cool movie. I liked the lighting and cinematography...then I found out Frank Miller was involved, which is always a plus.

Your weekends sound way better than mine. Thursday I got 8 stitches in my hand. This Friday I get my wisdom teeth pulled. Can we trade?

Christie said...

I love Nothing Days. Until we move, there aren't going to be any. That sucks.

-Papa said...

Nothing is a good thing.

jason said...

Doing nothing all day was awesome!!!
Lightning bug butt guy is crazy, 300 was a damn good flick.
I cant wait to go to the beach!
Beer and beaches baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hammer said...

I liked 300 too. The buffed up duded don't do it for me either ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss you already. :-(

btw- I had a weekend full of nothing days. People started to worry about me. I stayed in alllll weekend long. And when I say stay in... I mean I stayed under the covers in bed. :-)

I felt like a bum, but it was great.

Nocturnal said...

That is the *best* way to spend a holiday, doing absolutely nothing for 24 hours is the ticket. Sounds like you guys had a good one.


Steph said...

Weekends full of nothing are the best ever. I don't get why people feel the need to do so much STUFF all the time.

Have fun.

Ari said...

Margaret Thatcher or somebody said that the days you feel best are not those in which you have done nothing, but those in which you have done as much as you could. I think she's full of crap. Give me a day of Zen nothingness anytime. Have fun!!

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