Monday, March 10, 2008

Adorable Pups and Boy Smell

I got home from working out tonight and took a look at my blog. What a lousy post. My moods are so up and down, come in and leave with such quick, full force that one day I'm restless and unmotivated, and the next I'm casting molds of the sculpture David.


I dunno, it just sounded good. Anyway, I don't much like hearing myself whine and wallow in my dips, but it seems once I get it out of my mouth I'm okay again. So, thanks for reading.

Went to see the Babers this weekend and had a good time as usual. We did a little exploring of the land on the 4 wheeler with Mini in tow. Friday J surprised me with a little goodie bag: SF Berry Lifesavers, Into the Wild DVD and some boy soap. So we watched my new movie Friday night after a failed attempt at a fire in the freezing ass cold. A word to the wise peeps: make your fire before it gets cold.

The movie was long but I really enjoyed it. This movie didn't come out in the theaters where I live so I've been waiting for it to come out on DVD. I was so excited when J surprised me with it. If you don't like longish movies with light dialog, don't rent it. If you like beautiful imagery and story lines that tug at your heart and press you to the verge of tears, do.

You wanna know about the boy soap, huh? J lives in a camper trailer during the week for his job, so on Friday nights he goes straight to the back for a shower with more water pressure. When he gets out he smells so freaking good I wanna just shove my face in his armpit. His soap is d i v i n e. Anyway, my family always used Lever soap, so I did too. But this soap... it makes me want to cheat on my usual soap. So, being the good person he is, he sent me home with some so I can smell like him too. :)

Saturday night after some delicious red fish by Chef Babers, vino and way too many smores, I stole away from our company with Mini into the camper. I just wanted to lay my fat head down for just a second. Just... one... second. *snore* My eyes pop open when J walks in the trailer and suddenly I feel this heavy weight on my head. Can it be a hangover that quick? No, I only had a couple glasses. I realize then that the Mini Monster has taken residence upon my head for a little snooze. There is space on the couch, floor, recliner and her puppy bed, but she decides she wants to sleep on Mama's head. So we just had to capture the moment. (My new camera battery died upon my arrival this weekend, so this photo is kinda grainy because it was shot with my phone.)

What kind of crazy thing does your pet do that you just adore?


Ari said...

Awwwwww!! So cute! No one has enough time for me to tell all the crazy things my dogs do, but I can tell one thing that's weird. All of my goofy pug's life, he's gotten a bath in the shower with me most of the time. Now, when he sees me get into the shower and he doesn't need a bath, he throws a little fit, runs around and barks and sometimes even pulls at the shower curtain. So sometimes I have to sneak into the tub. If I am able to do that (like if he's distracted by food or something in another part of the house) and the water is on, he's ok. He only wigs if he sees me getting in. Weird!

RoxRocks said...

Tazzy does tons of crazy things. Today, he was mad that I hadn't taken him with me to town, even though he hates the van, so while I was unloading things, he hopped in the back. Well, I say hopped, he really reached up and pulled himself up into the van. It was funny.

I like it when you barf out your feelings in the blog. Makes me feel good about my own emotional bulimia. LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! You are so cute!

My dog likes to sleep in the exact middle of my bed, and refuses to move... so I have to twist and wrap my body around her! I can't wait to get my big queen sized bed back! When we go to Sweetness' house, she sleeps in the middle of the bed there too. It is the weirdest thing! It is a good thing that Sweetness doesn't sleep with us, because I think she would get booted from the bed! hehe

I hope the boy soap helps you feel better!

-Papa said...

Just be glad the Mini Monster didn't fart in bed. ;D

Stacie said...

That's awsome Jilly, it sounds like you had a great weekend. I think it's so sweet that J made you a little goodie bag.

I don't know about you, but any red wine KNOCKS ME OUT! that could have been it...too funny the dog tried to sleep on your head. My cat Kenny does that, but he's really heavy and REALLY furry and likes to sleep on my face. Sometimes I lock him out of my bedroom because no matter how many times I turn over, he gets up and lays on my face again...I can't breath. At the old house, he could open the doors so we actually had to lock it to keep him out. Poor thing would then keep me up for another hour crying cuz he wanted in. Now he sleeps with the dog. LOL

Christie said...

Charlie insists on laying on your legs at the bottom of the bed. Even if I am laying in bed alone, he has a huge king size bed to spread out on but he absolutely MUST lay across my legs. And follow me everywhere. Literally. To the bathroom. To watch me take a bath. He takes after my husband.
And that, BTW, is an adorable picture. Grainy or not, I would frame it.

Kitty said...

Awww, bless him.

I have a photo of our old cat sleeping on No.2's head when he fell asleep on the sofa ... it's hilarious.

Glad you're feeling better hun :) x

Open Grove Claudia said...

Dude - you have to check out We are totally addicted to the Lemon Sage and the peppermint soap. Addicted like - this is our last $10 for a month - buy the fucking soap! ;) Soap is a wonderful and cheap extravagance. Go for it! :)

What kind of soap does Babers use?

travistee said...

your cute posts are about the only things that make me want a relationship.
now if someone would send Dexter my way, I would consider it...

Nocturnal said...

You look like you were snoring up a storm Jillie and drooling in your sleep to boot.

Laugh tomorrow.


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