Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm trying to be nice. Really, I am.

Sometimes I just want to look at people and ask them what planet they were born on.

First, our office's CPA. She's a CPA, so she should be bright, yes? This morning's conversation:

*as she walks in the door*
Me: Hey.
Her: *stops abruptly* What?
Me: *stares at her* What do you mean What? I said Hey.
Her: Oh. *laugh* Why were you smiling?

I mean really. I smile ALL THE TIME. Do I need a reason to throw a smile in with my greeting to you? "I was smiling because just before you came in a read a really funny joke and it made me laugh." ??? I WAS JUST BEING NICE.

And then she comes into my office and just sits there. Just sits and watches me print out emails and respond to a few. Watches me write a personal email and answer the phone. My skin crawls. Decides she wants to hold a conversation after I've just dialed someone's number and the line is ringing. I go to the restroom thinking she'll be gone when I get out, but no such luck. I know she has stuff to do, why must she just sit there and watch me? Its AWKWARD.

Anyways, this may sound picky but it happens all the time. It gets old.

Another one of my favorites: My other co-worker, who is sort of second-in-line from my boss has just been sent an application to be on my Sh*t List. Recently she's begun to sneak up behind me in the front office while I'm typing up an email and will hover behind me, peeking at my screen. I don't know if she's trying to be nosey or see if I'm maybe typing up a personal email, but I can always hear her. I don't know who she's kidding. I like to wait until she's right up behind me and swing around real fast. "You need something?" I'll say. I can see her twitch a little and look down from the screen to whatever is in her hand and say "Oh, no. Let me give you this."

*growl* What is she trying to catch me doing, I wonder?

OR - this is a good one - if co-worker above has to catch the line while the boss is out of the office and I'm on another line, she'll write the message down, hang up, and walk down the hall PAST MY BOSS'S OFFICE to hand the note to me, so I can then get up, WALK BACK DOWN THE HALL to place the message on my boss's desk. His office is between ours, yet she has to put the message in mine. Obviously, this is another issue of control and power. "Here Ms. Office Manager/Assistant/Receptionist/Jack of All Trades, YOU are below me and therefore have to deliver all communications to the boss yourself."

Ugh. I'm sorry my sweet readers but this will not be the last time I rant about this. I give myself a pep talk every morning before work. "Its just a job! You can do it! Don't quit yet. Wait until you move into Central with J." Its getting hard though. I really want to just do my job without all the mind games.

Is that too much to ask??


Damsel Underdressed said...

My guess is that your co-workers probably hate their jobs as well so they just like to make you miserable and do things to irritate you.

And next time someone asks you why you're smiling, tell them you just got laid. ;)

kelly said...

I really truly believe that, YES... it is too much to ask sometimes. LOL

I hear ya! I have this girl at work that is just about history soon... (Bitch in Training 2, if you remember) She is just about half an idiot, and I have to train YET ANOTHER dumbass because some people just have to play games. It is so annoying! She has been faking an illness for a while now, so she can leave early or get off work(this is NO joke...)7 out of 8 Fridays! So I have to pull 12 hour shifts to make up for her sorry ass. Ok... I feel a post coming on. Thanks Jill! ;-)

Stick it out. I am thinking of ya.

-Papa said...

Always remember that at least one alternative requires either a sharpened ax, or a shotgun, but both are too messy to deal with afterwards.

Polgara said...

Just thought i'd pop in and let you know Grilled Pizza is no more but i'll still be popping in
Pol (GP) x

Janet said...

Yeah, those things would drive me crazy, too!

Kitty said...

I once had a job I hated. The people were generally ok, but this one woman (who was superior to me) did NOT like me, and spent her days finding new ways to make my life a misery. In the end I realised it would make me ill if I didn't get out. I got out. Don't wait as long as I did.

Take care. x

Nocturnal said...

I've been known say... "WTF did I get a fucking degree in computer science for? All it's good for is throwing away 8 hours a day watching Adults behaving like Children."

Good rant Jillie, good 2CU get it out of your system.


Tex's Missus said...

I've had similar experiences and I recall asking an organisational psych one day how I should handle spazoids like this. She said that out of all the people you work with, you'll like 1/3, you'll be ambivilent about a further 1/3, and you will not like the other 1/3. Generally, I have found that to be a truism. So, 2/3s of those people you work with will not "float your boat" - once I understood that, it became easier to deal with the majority...(although at times I just want to smack the fuckers :)

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