Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Night Mom and Dad

Little bodies tucked in bed. Little brother in one room, closest to the den where his mother and father sit watching tv. Two older sisters lay across from each other in another room further down the hall in matching twin beds.

Three bugs all snug in a rug.

"COME KISS US MOM AND DAD!!!" We shout down the hall from our beds in unison, giggling at the echo in our room. Our nightly ritual.

"YEAH, COME KISS USSSS!!" Mimics little brother in his sweet little voice.

We hear the familiar creak and click of our father's recliner as he puts it into sitting position and rises out of it. Then the shuffling of our parents coming down the hall to kiss little brother first, then us. As they get closer we stifle our squeals with covers pulled up to our noses, peering out at them.

"Good night Mom and Dad." Kisses, hugs and tucks, kisses, hugs and tucks.

I haven't thought of that in a long while. I wish I could keep all my favorite memories in a box to visit as often as I wish instead of relying on random things to trigger certain ones.

I miss those days.


Polgara said...

That's such a nice memory!
Pol x

kelly said...

Lovely. :-)

Damsel Underdressed said...

The comfort of home...

Kitty said...

Now you've blogged it, you CAN keep it forever. It'll always be there. x

-Papa said...

Those memories are in a box, and the box is labeled, Your Big Head. ;P

I'm not licensed to be a Shrink, however you can put me on retainer as your Life Coach, but I don't accept competitor coupons, however certain bits of jewelry would be accepted on a quid pro quo basis. :D

Tookie Tail said...

I love hearing you reminisce about the younger days. I need to take a trip down memory lane more often too. It's so nice. :) Y'all grew up way too fast! Although I recall while attempting to raise 3 teenagers that the days didn't pass quick enough! LOL!

Stacie said...

LOL at Tookie! I hear THAT!

Such a sweet memory Jill. you CAN keep them tucked in a box..print this out and save it..scrap it on an altered page with a pic. That would be awsome!

Ben said...

I remember those days too, seems like from another world as you grow older.


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