Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Can't Believe It

Are you tired of hearing me whine about J being away during the week? Tired of me being depressed because life just isn't complete when you have to love long distance?

Well people, I'll have to find something new to aggravate you about. Babers is coming home!!!

J got an official offer from the company he works for now for a position here in his home town with a promotion! I am so proud of him and so freaking excited for ME at the same time! Hehehe. J heard word of this move and told me about it, but even in my excitement I was hesitant. I didn't want to get my hopes up and be so let down when it didn't happen. And then he got the official offer. Though we aren't for sure, he could be home as early as the end of April.

A few things I'll miss:

Road trips to see him. I've only been to his current place of residence a handful of times but I really enjoy the drive there. Listening to my music with the windows down and sunroof back. The anticipation of seeing him. No city lights, just amazing black night sky with stars as far as you can see. Animals everywhere, climbing all over you. Fires shared between just the two of us.

Scrreeeccch. Babe? Can we do smores in the fireplace? Hmm...

Morning text messages. He wakes me up every morning with his sweetness. Yes, the man is even perfect in text messaging. Its ridiculous people. I'll miss the "Good morning beautiful" and the "Dream about me?" He's probably blushing right now.

Friday night hugs. Fresh in the apartment from his road trip, we become leeches. Latched to each other, kissie face and all that nonsense.

What I'm really looking forward to:

Not having to cram laundry, errands and plans with friends and family together with our quality time. Now we'll have more time for our quality time. *sigh* Movie nights during the week. Watching the Office beside him instead of miles away. YES! Cuddles on the couch. Evening walks with the Mini Monster. Cooking normal dinners for two instead of bachelorette style cuisine. Just being able to see him every day. Daily kisses.

Are you sick of hearing about it? Told you I would find something new to aggravate you about. ;)

Just had to share my excitement. On another topic, I've been a busy bee with my jewelry sales and creating so blogging has unfortunately taken the back burner. I peeked for a second at my bloglines today to see the posts I've missed and I hurried up and X'd it out. There are so many to catch up! You guys are maniacs!!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'll be around this evening to visit. I've missed you!!


Damsel Underdressed said...

Geesh! We've missed you and your sappy love stories. ;) I really glad that things will be easier for you and tell him congrats on the promotion!

Roxrocks said...

Woohoo this is awesome news for you both!

He can STILL text you in the morning! Geesh!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sickening! But what can I do? I'm already hooked on you and your blog.

Grilled Pizza said...

Hey i'm married and we still have the morning texts lol, i leave first and text him when i get to work, we've always done it.
I'm so pleased for you
GP x :0)

kelly said...

Congrats J!!

That is so exciting for both of you!!!! YAY!!

That just sounds so wonderful!! :-D

Kitty said...

Awwww, that's wonderful news. So pleased he's coming 'home'. I think of you whenever I hear the Michael Buble song. x

Stacie said...

Oh Jillie that is so freaken' awsome! YAY FOR J COMING HOME ! And for the promotion! (Way to go J! congrats!!!!)

I'm so happy for you! though that road trip you described with windows down, sunroof open, open road, music blaring...that just made me kinda nostalgic for a road trip!

Doc said...

Great News !!!!

Ben said...

That is a cool pic of U2 Jillie, definitely good news little lady.


Ari said...

Hmm, that was so sweet I need a dental checkup now. ;) Tres awesome tho.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray!! That's so exciting! Yippee! Congratulations! Now the real fun begins!

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