Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump

Today is Act Happy Day. Name some things that make you happy . . .

A song: Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon - I like to sing this song to J in a ridiculously annoying baby voice. East to West by Casting Crowns. Its a very hopeful, uplifting song.

A book: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger - based on an aspiring writer trying to get her break by working for the Devil herself at a well-known fashion magazine. This girl is drug through the dirt just trying to make a year for a referral from this highly respected woman.

This book is a reminder of a path I chose. I used to dream of making it big in New York city as a graphic designer once I graduated from LSU. I graduated and stayed here and I wouldn't have it any other way. I sometimes wonder if Someone was looking out for me and believe where I am has a lot to do with who I've become and knowing THAT makes me HAPPY.

A memory: So many to choose from. The chart topper would be the night I saw J out, the night that started our fate as a couple. Seeing him see me through the window of that bar that neither of us really wanted to go to, my heart skipping a beat when I saw that big familiar smile I'd always known. Both of us trying to act cool by not running up to each other right away once I'd gotten into the bar. The easy flow of our conversation, the giddy feeling in my tummy I got while looking at someone I had known for so long and yet knowing this meeting was different.

A food: Frozen yogurt. Sure, I love my mexican food but it sometimes comes with a hangover or guilt trip. I seriously get excited when I'm in the area of my favorite frozen yogurt place, Counter Culture. My favorite is the cheesecake flavor. The server hands you a little nutrition card with a bunch of zeros on it and damn it if that feels good and makes me hum a little while eating it!!

A person: Babers makes me happy. His best quality is his awesome sense of humor and apparently making me laugh is his main goal in life. :) My nephew and niece are the ever constant source of my ear to ear smiles and giggle fests. They are adorable. Toot is very bright and I just can't wait to hear what will come out of his mouth next. Kay Kay is growing into her bitty personality each day and makes me fill up so much inside it comes shooting out my eyes sometimes. My family makes me happy. We all get along well and love each other so much and for the most part accept each other for who we are.

A place: My bedroom on Sunday mornings. Orange Beach, AL on vacation with J, zombie-fied in front of the waves.

Thanks for humping! I hope I've made you happy today.

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jason said...

YES! First one! Things that make me happy.........
Arms of mine- Otis Redding,because thats baby's ringtone.
um, next question please.
All the stupid games me and my cousin would create when we were kids. Machete and ax tossing at each other, what the hell were we thinking?
duh, its my sweetness, my muffin, my baber, my love.
anywhere we are together. We have so much fun together im always happy.
Everyone puke on 3 now......1....2.....3...

Tookie Tail said...

OMG I wrote a book here and it didn't save cause I forgot to do your stupid word verification!! Grrr!

Song:Rob Thomas,"Streetcorner Symphony"
Book: Any romance novels by Sandra Brown
Memory: ???
Person: ???
Food: Ice cream!!
Place: ???

See why I didn't do this on my blog? *ugh*

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You have much to make you happy, RM. I'm glad for you.

Tex's Missus said...

Hey Chick - thanks for the add :) And thanks for the blast from the past - I've not heard REO Speedwagon for years, but I used to LOVE that song - in fact, I'm going to go through my old cassette tapes and give it a spin. Have a great weekend with your man.

random moments said...

jason - I didn't throw up. ;)

tookie - oh I HATE that!! But too many crazy computer ads to not have word verification. You have a happy place, don't you Ma? And duh, I MAKE YOU HAPPY! lolol.

lbb - aww thanks! But I'm a lot of talk, I'm actualy a miserable person. ;p

texsmissus - Oldie but goodie! Have a great one yourself!

kelly said...

can I do one on what makes me angry?? Cause I'm one angry biotch the last few days.


Stacie said...

I love this seriously are just the sweetest person Jillybean! I just love you to pieces!

Stacie the pkg and LOVE it! You are awsome!
I'll zip you an e soon.. (email)

Ari said...

Ohhh my lawd, KOLY is complete fun!

Open Grove Claudia said...

That's just delicious! Thanks for sharing all the things that make you happy. You'll have to keep it near you for those long lonely weeks

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