Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Olive you, too

Last week my very first treasury made it on Etsy's front page. My second treasury, Olive you, too has been featured on the S&O blog! How exciting is that? The girls over at the S&O blog are super cute and have some other great treasuries featured as well that I'm honored to be posted with.

You can view my treasury here: Olive you, too. I have to admit, since my friend Nicole has "shown me the ropes" of treasury snagging, I've become a bit addicted. But like most things, I run my newest obsession into the ground until I've found something new to be obsessed with. Let's hope this one hangs around a while, its a great way to express creativity with other's handmade lovelies: therapy for me, advertising and support for other Etsians!

New and exciting things have been happening for Jillry as of late. Two boutiques are purchasing from Jillry in bulk and my latest Jillry home parties have been a great success. I just want to pinch myself, I can hardly believe it.

I still haven't posted Halloween photos and I also have some silly Baber photo fun to share as well. Coming soon, I promise!
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. Does it feel like Monday for you as well?

xo Jill


Jan said...

I am really excited for you with your new clients! A dream come true!

magdamagda said...

oh wow im so happy for you:)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Congrats on the FP and the treasury is fabulous! I love olive...just left a comment, too!

Christie said...

Must have that purse/clutch thing. You know the address.

Fine, don't give me it, but how can I get it?

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