Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This morning I'm curled up on the couch reading old posts (yes I'm lame) and I stumbled upon a Thursday Thirteen. I read and clicked on another. *gasp* I forgot how much I adore lists! When I lived at the apartment, I wrote lists constantly. Kept them all over the apartment. Drove Babers batty. Now the only list I have is our grocery list.

Lists are theraputic for the obsessive compulsive mind. Therefore starting TTs up again is only helping me..... right?

Thirteen reasons why I love this time of year

1. The Baber Furnace. J has an incredible amount of body heat at night which he insists on sharing with me, and at this time of year it really comes in handy. He has freakishly cold feet, but I can overlook that because his huggy wuggy arms keep the Baberwife warm at night.

2. Gumbo.

Kind of a weird choice mid-July in 100 degree weather. As soon as we get the first cold front, I'm going over in my head whether I want to make chicken and sausage gumbo or seafood gumbo.

3. Sweaters. The big soft snuggly kind. If J let me have a Snuggie, I'd wear it in public. I just love wearing fuzzy sweaters with sleeves are long enough to tuck my hands in, or cowl necks that cover your face from the nippy wind.

4. Camping.

Our usual camping group went last weekend and had a blast. Not so much fun in warm weather. We brought the camper and opened the windows... the only thing better would have been sleeping in a tent under the starry sky, but J prefers camping in the camper. *snort* (I am so getting a whipping over that one.) Click here to see our first camping trip.

5. Fires.

No, I'm not a pyro, but put me in front of a fire and I zone out. Zombie style. Don't try talking to me, I ain't listening. When I would visit J in Oberlin he would start the fire and let me spruce it up. There's something very theraputic about building a fire, and its comforting and makes you feel safe.

6. Pajama pants. Okay so I wear these year round, but I *need* them more in the winter. We keep the temp in the house at a ridiculously low number, so I stay in pj pants during this time of year. Especially heart the fuzzy flannel ones. Which I'm down to only one pair of. Hint hint. I wear mine to the point of them ripping and still walk around in them, tripping and almost busting my face. J literally has to make me throw them away.

7. Hot chocolate. With milk. Enough said.

8. Outdoor activities. The cool air of fall always gives me a new found energy. Summer is great and all, but it just zaps the life of me sometimes. Every time I take Mini into the back yard I eye the leaves all over the ground. Do you know how badly I want to run through them? And for some reason I feel like I need a soccer ball.

9. I get to ignore my toenails. You should see mine right now, the paint is so old I have a little moon cresent of color covering the very tip of them. I know, not attractive, but its the last thing on my to-do list right now and at least I can hid them in boots.

10. I don't feel guilty about my dirty car. I love her and all, but I wash her only like... never. During this time of year, well, its just too cold to and I can let go of one more thing to feel guilty about. Cuz we all know I have issues.

11. Thanksgiving! Yes, that deserves an exclamation mark. And I'm not just thinking about the food (though its definitely a front runner). In November we are reminded of how thankful we should be, and I relish in that. Its a shame we don't give thanks every month.

12. Christmas!!

Love it more than #11, therefore its gets two marks. (Shut it.) Family time. Good food. Showering my loved ones with presents. Watching the kiddos rip open their presents and squeal. The tree! Christmas morning! (Sorry, I'll try to keep the marks to a minimum from now on.)

13. And now, this time of year makes me think about our life as a married couple. December 13th will make one year for J and I. ONE YEAR. Already. Wow. I feel like I've waited for this all my life and now its just flying by, all the while me screaming "SLOW IT DOWN BUSTER, I need to remember this."

Click here to play along. Comment if you have a TT so I can come read yours! What are your reasons for loving this time of year?


I am Harriet said...

No kidding about the toenails :)
I'm with ya.

colleen said...

It all comes and goes too fast!

Christy said...

Lol, I was right there with ya about the lists...when I took the "what is your mental disorder" quiz on Fb, was OCD, imagine that. On my list, I would've put Christmas ornaments...there is something special about Hallmark ornaments. Lve taking them out and decorating the tree, however don't so much like putting them back in the boxes.

Margen LaBauve said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog--seriously. I really do.

Adelle Laudan said...

Congratulations on your 1st year married. I love your outlook on life. Happy Turkey Day & Happy T13!

Brandt! said...

I am so a list person! Love your blog!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Everything moves way too fast now! Happy early anniversary!!

jillconyers said...

This is my favorite time of year and I love warm pjs and a fire.

Rox said...

Didn't I comment on this?! Anyway, you should totally move to Canada. You can have gumbo and pj pants "The Extended Version!"

I'm a list maker too. And if it isn't on my dry-erase calendar, it doesn't exist in my world. Seriously.

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