Monday, November 16, 2009

Super Mommyness

I grew up under the arms of a SuperMom, a woman who had three children, a full time job teaching English at the same school we attended and had a part time gig selling make up, all while being able to juggle homework, meals, after school activities and family fun. Because of this, I've always been intrigued by other mommies and how they manage to get through the day.

Starting today, I'll be doing Super Mommyness once a month, a feature on mothers and their tricks of the trade. If you want to be featured, simply shoot me a message at

And now, on to our first Mommy!


Name: Christy Woest Atkinson

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

# of Children: 3 by birth, 2 of the heart...ranging in ages from 8 months-9 years.

Occupation: After 9 1/2 years teaching preschool, finally able to be a stay at home mommy!

What's a normal day like for you?

I know that most think us SAHMs watch Oprah and eat bon bons all day, well sorry to burst your bubble but it is Wife Swap we watch, Oprah is soooo 2000. Seriously, what is considered "normal"? Every day here is quite the adventure. For example, today it is the adventures of "make sure the laundry is done before mildew sets in".

What are some holiday treats your kids love that are cost effective for a large family?

Since my oldest started preschool, we have been making "chocolate PRENTZELS" for the holidays. They are super easy, super cheap, and look so cute in those little snowman shape gift bags when we give them as teacher gifts!

Favorite place to shop for gifts during the holidays?

Anywhere there is a sale, that's where! I am all about a coupon and free shipping online! I can't say that I have a favorite. I start making my LIST early on, then keep my eyes on the ads and online. For example, Old Navy offers great deals for cardholders this time of year. A couple of weeks ago they had the "stuff n save" sale, I got 50% off my entire purchase and 10% off all December rec'd a $20 coupon in the mail. Woo hoo!

How do you cope when the to-do list is piling up?

Cope? There is no "cope", you just "do"!

Any tricks for quick meals during the week?

SLOWCOOKER! I have discovered that it helps me keep my sanity, and my family is ever so grateful for it. Sure helps not to have to start prepping dinner during homework time...

How do you escape or unwind?

I fill up my ginormous soaking tub, grab a book, and hideout for as long as they let me.....



Margen LaBauve said...

Thanks for the sweet comment- yes we love doing "outdoorsy" stuff- we are actually going to Red Creek to go camping and riding this weekend!! :)

Sydney said...

What a great post, I was literally "lol-ing" at Christy's comment about making sure the laundry is done before mildew sets in...I can so relate!

Rox said...

When are you going to be a Mommy Jill?! =) Do I nag enough about this? It's cuz I'm a

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