Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spooky or Kooky?

It seems like I'm always playing catch up with photos on this blog. Yet, I can't not post the Halloween pics. Usually I just throw on something I have in my closet and "make" it a costume. We actually purchased costumes this year online, and though there were a lot of alterations, it allowed me to play with a different side of my creativity which is always fun.

The Baberhusband. Samarai! (He badly wanted a sword...)

I know, I look creepy. I'm fully aware. Mwahaha. Why didn't I pick a prettier character is beyond me. For most women, Halloween is the best opportunity to dress their sleaziest and get away with it. I end up at the farthest end of that spectrum. One year I was Dracula's bride. The blood alone would have made any man run screaming.

The Bauers' Haunted Shop. They go all out every year, fully decorating Tim's man cave with spooky decor. There's even a friend who dj's, bringing his full sound system with him. Kristy Lou walks around with a tray of goodies at one point - my favorite part of the night - whether it be jello shots or brownies, it always hits the spot.

Wynette & Mikelas, our 70's couple. Mike was dangerous with that afro. More costume photos below.

See that wig? I ordered it off Amazon and it was GROSS. After a visit to Hobby Lobby and a purchase of some fake flowers, it looked less a wad of dog hair and more like a geisha wig.

Isn't Wynette cute?

The host & hostess of the evening. See what I mean? Kristy looked beautiful and I've got a face full of white makeup and half lips. :)

The scarecrow, samarai and, err... the half man-bride. This was another creepy costume. Only Brad could play this one off. Last year he was Beetlejuice and let's just say he didn't half ass it.

That's all for now folks. I'll try to post photos of the kiddos trick or treating later.

xo Jill


Rox said...

I like the whole Geisha/Samurai thing!

I need to blog too...I'm like so far behind.

C said...

looks like SO much fun! you guys are so cute together!


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