Thursday, February 05, 2009

No I will not pee in the woods.

Apologies in advance for the title. I'm in one of those moods.

Going camping this weekend. Totally psyched about it. However, 2 weeks ago I was NOT totally psyched.

See, I'm more of a girlie girl than a tomgirl. I know! Hard to believe right? *smirk* So when J said we were camping in tents, I felt the dread immediately creep up my spine. You mean, no camper? No running water? No toilet? No privacy?

I told him I wasn't going. And I meant it. And that was that.

It wasn't until another one of the guys mentioned taking his camper because he wanted his girlie girl wife to go that J decided to bring his for me.

Bitter much? Yeah. Still am.

I hold grudges. This one is still steeping.

Anyways, we ARE going camping. To make up for the rant I just had because I DO sleep in the same bed as my husband, I'll list some reasons I love camping. (And duh, because I adore lists.)

1. Fires. The crackle. The warmth. I could sit in front of a fire and gaze at it, be mesmorized by it for hours. No need to talk. Just sit and sip your margarita/beer/hot chocolate and stare.

2. Being one with nature. I'm SERIOUS! Quit giggling. Its so incredibly peaceful at night while camping. I mean, at least it is once everyone else passes out. Sure, it'll take hours and a few cases of Bud, but its worth the wait.

3. The sky. I no longer live deep in the city, so I get to see the stars now. But on a campground the sky is so black and rich with stars. A perfect setting for dreaming. I plan on bringing my camera.

4. J loves it. Yes, I like going camping because J likes going camping. I like being around a man who is in his element and well, that's what J is all about. He admits one of the perks of his job is to be outside and not in an office. He's great with his hands (quiet girls, settle down) and is a natural in this setting.

5. We get to 4 wheel! Man, I sound country don't I? I adore 4 wheeling. I'm not an adventurous person, so this is pretty much my limit.

6. The food. Its fun cooking around a fire. Grilling up burgers, cooking breakfast for everyone in the morning. Plus, anything you eat while camping is calorie and fat free. No really, it is.

7. A different setting. Just like getting away for a mini-vacation.

Hopefully I'll have some good pics and stories to share come Monday. For now, I'll share a slide show of our first camping trip together. Enjoy!

Lunch with my friend.

It was so great to see her. She looks exactly the same, was rocking an envy-worthy bag and got a kick out of an old photo album I brought. We talked about old times, laughed at some memories and asked how each other were doing. It was just as comfy as being around her ten years ago. But now, there's something about her I can't read anymore. A sadness in her eyes. I could be misreading that, she has a busy life and we all know tiring that can be.

She brought a gift for me, one that I mentioned in my last post. Guess what it was! A gigantic box of beads that were cataloged by type and color! We beaded a lot together when we were younger and she said she no longer had the need for it anymore.

I sat in parking lot of my office when I got back from lunch, opening each lil drawer and touching all the beads. Bead heaven. I sat back and remembered a craft show we did once. Just got to hang out all day and sell our jewelry for charity. We were young and didn't sell a thing. Lol. But it was fun just hanging out together.

Anyway, I think I'll leave this topic be for now. An hour for lunch wasn't long enough. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'm pulling a rabbit, err, a name out of the hat for the jewelry drawing. If you haven't entered, you still can here. Good evening, for now.


AJ said...

totally envious! I'd love to go camping. Hug a tree for me ;-) lol

jason said...

I might pee on a tree for AJ. Just kidding. Not really.
This weekend is gonna be sweeeet

Anonymous said...

Camping is good. Camping with hot coffee in the morning is even better!

Jay said...

So you'd be cool with camping if after the day was done, you could retire to a nearby HoJo?

Leesa said...

I love the taste of coffee made on an open fire. I don't make the coffee but I drink several tin coffee cups of it.

Megkathleen said...

I hate camping. Hate it. And, yet, all your reasons for loving it make it sound like it would be fun.

Chloie said...

I love camping and outdoor activities! I'm so jealous. I can't wait until it's summer here so I can do those activities. Have fun!

C said...

hey jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. hope you catch this before you leave! HAVE A GREAT TIME! i am jealous but will look forward to seeing your pics....
watch out for bears.... heeheee


Maki said...

Camping!!!! I love camping although I haven't done it in like..20 years? My husband is trying to plan a cross-over trip - the girls are still small, so I think it would be nice...

I love your list btw - The sky part is one of the best!

Have fun:)

Anonymous said...

ok... we both know I can't agree with you on the camping thing. I'm just not a camper. At. All. I mean... I'd rather sleep in my car, which I actually did the last time I went camping. haha

But... I love you, and your cute little husband. You two are cuteness. Have fun.

Also... you need to drag your friend back into the hobby she used to find joy in. It sounds like she isn't getting much 'me' time.

Cheryl said...

I hate peeing in the woods. I'm always afraid that I'll get attacked by some savaged animal, bit in the ass by a mosquito, or like, be unable to like coordinate it properly, thus getting it on my pants.

All 3 have happened to me.

Which is why I'm a city girl.

Roxrocks said...

I live in the forest so camping is redundant. LOL! I can handle all the outdoorsy stuff, I just like to come in and shower at night and sleep in my bed.

J has a trailer but was going to make you sleep in a tent?! Um, huh?! Good thing he changed his mind...he he. Have fun and take lots of snaps!

Ashley said...

I've never been camping! I know, shame on me...

I know that I'd like it though :)

Great that your lunch went well with the friend...I can see where your love for jewelry-making began!

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