Wednesday, February 04, 2009

OSB, Sidebars & Old Friends

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OSB (Operation Skinny Bitch) - this week was a frustrating one.

I'm a stress eater and I put too much on my plate this week. (Excuse the pun.) So in the midst of the stress of too much to do, I found solice in eating jambalaya with my husband instead of Lean Cuisines, and had a slice of king cake as well. And with no exercise to speak of.

On top of that we received a late wedding present from some relatives; a scale we had registered for. While I love its sleek red look, I hate the new numbers it provides me with. Numbers that throw the whole OSB thing off for me.

Besides that, my lady friend came to visit. And I'm going camping this weekend. We all know what happens when you camp. You eat burgers, hot dogs and hashbrowns cooked over an open fire for breakfast.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's what I do. I'm hoping for some yet seen motivation this weekend, enough to move me to choose mustard over mayo, and to eat meat without buns.

*giggle* That was a funny sentence. Say it outloud. DO IT!


I know I asked for new blog reads. And I got them. (Thank you, thank you!) But man, the process of adding them to my feeds and sidebar is exhausting. And I finally switched over to Google Reader with the help of a nudge from Rox and we all know how long that takes. FOR. EV.ER. Now that is done, I'm slowly uploading my new faves to my sidebar. Its going to be monsterous! But I love it, because it represents my daily reads. *rubbing hands together greedily*

Today I'm meeting with a dear old friend for lunch. I haven't seen this friend in years. The last time I saw her, I was in a grocery store parking lot listening to the uncertainty in her voice as she wished me luck and happiness. I had just accepted a marriage proposal from a man that was not my soulmate. She knew it just as I did.

We were the BEST of friends growing up. I took pride in telling people we had been friends for 20+ years, since kindergarten. Our mothers taught together at the school we attended K-12.

We both shared the same silliness (that I can't seem to get rid of) and were complete opposites in every other way possible. She was awesome in any sport you threw at her, a tomboy at heart. I couldn't catch a ball to save my life. She had curly short hair, mine straight as board down to my waist.

Sometimes I wonder if we could have worked harder to keep our friendship alive. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Maybe that's what happened with us. Who knows. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to catch up with her.

There are so many memories we share. We caught up with each other in Facebook and she told me she had a wedding present for me. Something we purchased together. A million pieces. I cannot for the life of me remember this "present" and I'm nervous I'll well up with tears when she gives it to me. (I'm a known blubbering idiot when it comes sentimental stuff. You should have seen me at my wedding.)

In return, I'm bringing an old photo album of us. Well, technically its an album of my high school years; she just happens to be on almost every single page.

I leave here in an hour to meet her. There's a weird churning in my belly. Anxiety? Fear? Excitement?

One last note for the day. I'm reading Twilight. I'm a bookworm at heart but have been entirely too busy with my jewelry business lately to justify the time spent reading a book. Much less, one about vampires.

Someone mentioned buying the book Multiple Blessings by John & Kate (plus 8). Well, we all know how much I adore them, so that was the breaking point for me. I would make time for Kate. She is everything awesome about motherhood mixed with some real and raw outbursts of ugly. Love her.

Anyways, I get on Amazon to buy this book. I'm tingling with excitement as I click the Add to Cart button. And in the corner of the page I see a line about Twilight. Eh, what the hell. Add to Cart.

Y'all. I cannot put the damn book down. The first night I read 100 pages. And another 100 pages last night. For a busy girl with hardly the time to file her fingernails, that's crazy talk.

I can't get enough of Edward and his vampire sex appeal. Well, no sex involved (yet) but the way the writer talks about his piercing eyes and the way he looks at Bella, it just melts me. I want to be looked at that way. (hint hint.) I want that kind of unshielded passion. (hint hint. JASON put down the remote and STARE INTO MY EYES.)

Okay, I'm done. That wasn't meant to be another paragraph or five about Twilight. I just couldn't help myself.

Catch you guys later. I've got an old friend to meet and a shrimp po-boy to eat. (Ugh. I hate myself.)


Anonymous said...

I finally got the fourth book of the Twilight series back and started reading it again! So fun!

And the superbowl food sank me too. Well, it's another week so I'll just try harder!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I read your post on my blog from yesterday. I live in the Palos Verdes Peninsula in So Cal, just about 20 miles south of Los Angeles. I don't have this great view, but I can see the ocean if walk down to the corner from my house :) Anyway, it is gorgeous here and I have been walking everyday. It's very hilly so it's great cardio workout. I lost 2 lbs this week, I'm so excited. But I have 30-35 lbs to go. Good luck to you!

Jessica said...

Hope you have fun meeting up with your old friend. I've been doing that a lot recently, myself, it's a blast!

So many people have been recommending Twilight! I guess I better read it! :)

C said...

jilly honey, you are a gorgous woman just the way you are. as long as you feel good, thats all that really matters. i send you hugs cuz i just hate to see you have less fun at things just because of the food. you really are beautiful just the way you are! billy joel said so. i love jon n kate plus 8, too, and also, big world, little people. and sometimes i watch the duggars with 18 kids but they are starting to gag me now, too fucking fundamental for my taste. but damn, they are organized like i've nevah seen organization. i wonder if they pay the kids to be that behaved. their oldest son got married and never kissed the bride to be until AFTER they were married. can you believe that? i am ok with staying a virgin but kissing? what if their lips dont fit good together. and what if oh nevermind, i shouldnt judge. but god, kissing? come the fuck on. i love jon n kate's new house, it is beautiful. i want it. i plan on stealing it soon. they can buy another one... and i secretly wish i was one of their kidlets.... yep, i do. just dont tell no one.
let us know how your meeting your old friend went. i'm sure it was very meloncholy for you. no one else will evah know the memories you shared back in the day.


Megkathleen said...

I hope the meeting with your friend goes well!

I'm a stress eater too and this week is killing me. I just keep trying to visualize myself running around on a beach in a hot bikini - it works about 50% of the time.

The Other K Wick said...

Yeah thanks for the photog help!!! Still working on it and have enlisted the help from the BFF.

Mmm, Jambalaya. That's we're having tonight. Yummy!!!

Hope all goes well with your friend.

Cheryl said...

I think it's totally cool that you want to do it with a vampire.

Also. I love hashbrowns and hotdogs. i wouldn't give it up for any diet.

Don't step on the scale.

Scales are a war crime.

Roxrocks said...

I've given up on my scales too. I've decided at 40, it's okay to have a little flub. Whatever!

Plus, you never know when you'll get the flu...

The Jon and Kate book? You'll read it in three hours. Seriously. It's a quickie. I've been tempted to read the Twilight books now that Kay has set them aside after inhaling them all. I have so many to read right now though, I'm behind!

How did your lunch go?!

AJ said...

I haven't been sucked in yet to the Twilight Series but once I am at home I am sure I will be itching for a good read... annnnd I lllllloooooovveeeeeee Jon and Kate plus 8!!!!!
If she can do 8, I can do 1, right??!!

Ashley said...

hahaha...ohhhh, Twilight. Good and bad at the same time!

I read all four books in 2 weeks. I was like, WHAT is wrong with me?!?

Edward is too ideal, too perfect. But it's nice to daydream about :)
That was a nice post about your friend...I'm sure over lunch you will reconnect. The best of friendships cannot be shaken by years.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ok, I've heard soooo much about that book now...I may have to find it! I want to be stared at, tooooo!!!!

Have fun with the old friend. I bet it'll be like not one moment has passed.

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