Monday, February 16, 2009


With him. As always.

Baber surprised me at work with a beautiful bouquet of my most favoritest flowers: Stargazer lillies mixed with roses. I was completely surprisd. He knows how much I love being surprised. *sigh*

And below, this pretty little heart charm dangled from the red vase my flowers were in. You KNOW what I'm going to do with this, don't you?

And for him, I made a love bucket cake. As most of you know, we call each other a bazillion pet names, Love Bucket being one of many that I call him. A friend of mine learned how to make this cake through a cake decorating class. I just had to mimic! It looks like a bucket of love, doesn't it?

His favorite cake is inside - red velvet. If you want to mimic too, its really easy. After you ice the double layered cake, simply break kit kats and line around the cake. The icing will hold them. Dump one bag of M&Ms in and wallah!

See how pretty it is inside? I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Well, I'm proud of both of us this year. :) Its our first Valentines Day as a married couple after all!

And he got a little extra candy. He's such a sweet eater. He loves his sweets, which obviously, is why he married me. (Cuz I'm so sweet, get it? Heh heh. Nevermind...)

My other surprise was a picnic lunch but those plans were destroyed. His brother and SIL to be's wedding shower was on V-Day, which somehow killed 6 hours of our little love day. Hey, we were just glad it wasn't us this time.

We did, however, go eat some yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrell that morning and saw a good friend there too. If you're reading today, Hey Laura!! *gigglesnort*

As a friend of mine would say, it looks like Valentines Day threw up on our table. But the fragrance those lillies put off... man! It smells delicious in our kitchen.

How was your Valentines? Who was your Valentine? And what did you do?

If you answer all three questions in the comment box, you get... nothing!! Bwahaha! I'm just nosey and want to know. Thanks! :)

I'll be around to visit all my lovelies throughout the day. We were spurratically without internet all weekend, but its finally fixed. Woo hoo!


Joanna Goddard said...

this is so sweet. and the cake looks delicious!

AJ said...

AWWWWW those flowers are amazing! The lillies sure smell great don't they? :-)

The Other K Wick said...

That cake looks yummy.

Our V-day was good. We snuggled in with the uppies, spent the whole day together (eventhough Ken had to bid a job), then made Chicken wantons for our family fish fry. Ken did purchase your red bracelet I was so in love with woohoo.

It was our first married V-day as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey right back at cha! So so so good to see yall this weekend!! Looks like yall had a good valentines day. MMMMM... cake!

Your favorite Lurker,

jane in the waiting line said...

that cake is so cool! what a great idea! will have to try sometime.

Jessica said...

Lovely flowers, and that cake looks amazing!

Valentine's day was my 6 year wedding anniversary! It was our best one yet. No expectations. We just had fun! He made dinner, and I made dessert. And we went to a little bar in the middle of the day, just to have a beer--I can't remember the last time we did that! It was just nice. said...

What an awesome cake! Too bad I don't like M&M's ;)


Tookie Tail said...

Awww y'all did good on your first Valentine's Day at hubby/wifey!
Love your new look! So upbeat!

Damsel Underdressed said...

I don't even want to talk about Valentine's Day but those flowers are gorgeous and that cake looks scrumptious! I think I'd have to choose the cake! ;)

Anonymous said...

I also got lilies and roses! (from Sweetness.) He always knows what I love. I love lilies to death, but man they smell like funerals. I'm currently allergic to my funeral-smelling house... but man my kitchen table looks amazing! ;-)


he always makes me sell out and become a valentine celebrater. /sigh

C said...

great new look to your blog. for Vday we cooked here at home with the boys, then watched a movie on TV. being home with the ones i love is the best gift.
still no earrings :(
they will surely come tomorrow.
b-u-t-ful flowers there. i too love the lily scent. too bad they cant make it into perfume.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet, lovely flowers and wow, awesome cake. We actually had out 13th wedding anniversary on the 12th and had a nice quiet dinner at a Japanese restuarant. On Valentine's we all went out as a family and had dinner. I have two young boys, 11 and 7.

Ashley said...

I love red velvet!!! soooooo good!

Like the new layout, smashing!

I did not have a real valentine...guess it was my friend Ali, since on Valentine's Day I went to go see her perform in the Vagina Monologues. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

That cake looks amazing! And the flowers... wow! I love the scent of lilies!

Running In Stilettos said...

That cake looks so yummy!

Oh, I left you a Love Ya Award on my latest post!

Roxrocks said...

I've never had a red velvet cake, I'm totally intrigued!

You young kids are so cute with your Valentine-y Goodness!

Chloie said...

Your husband is so sweet! Make sure never to let him go!

meg said...

lovely! i love the new layout, are quite fabulous, lady...xo!

fatwonkkid said...

That cake looks real good, but REALLY bad :)

Not to be offensive in anyway, but your cake reminded me of this blog.

Great should submit your cake.

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