Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its not you, its me.

Well its Wednesday. And you know what that means. Time to post about my success (or lack there of) for Operation Skinny Bitch.

Let's just say, its not working out for me. Its not OSB, its me.

If you remember, my resolution for this year was SIMPLICITY. I've learned over the years that by trimming off the nonsense I'm able to focus more on the things that are most important to me. Meaning health. My jewelry. Family. Etc.

But honestly, its more than that. I need simplicity to function properly. Its seems that while I'm pretty good at multitasking, I tend to let myself fall by the wayside. I forget to do the things important for me: exercise, baby my skin, go to sleep early, cook healthy meals from scratch, spend quality time with my husband.

My jewelry business has been doing great, most likely because I'm nurturing it more than ever, but I've noticed that my love for cooking has lessened. I'm preoccupied with orders and sketching designs for the two weddings I'm making jewelry for and I'm simply too busy in the evenings to cook. Or, I'm just not feeling it because my focus is elsewhere.

What does this have to do with OBS?? *sigh* I simply have no energy for healthy meal planning, cooking or exercising. It takes work! But, I'm aware of it. I guess that's the first step. Admitting your problem.

That said, I haven't gained or lost any weight. I have been consistent with my morning exercises around the house, but not much cardio is being done. I have a date one evening this week to jump on my nephew's new large backyard trampoline with him. That should burn a few, right?

How about you? How is your journey with OBS or health in general going?


I have a little curiousity about advertising. Within the last few weeks I've had a couple people email me about posting ads on my blog. Never really thought about it before, but now I'm starting to think it could be a fun addition.

Is there anyone else interested in this? I may do a trial run for a month, see how it works out. More than anything I would love to be able to support fellow Etsians. I so love Etsy and everything handmade, it would just make sense.


Last but not least, Cheryl posted about the contents of her purse. I commented on her post and shuddered at the thought of what could be in mine. She prodded me a little. FINE Cheryl, twist my arm. ;) But I'm warning you guys, its not going to be pretty:
  1. Bright turquoise wallet
  2. Cell phone charger
  3. Journal (a must because my thoughts are out of control)
  4. 2 blue pens
  5. Keys
  6. Current NY&Co coupon
  7. My dead iPod
  8. Old crumbled post its with reminders
  9. 4 pack of Sudafed with one pill remaining
  10. Bank deposit receipt
  11. Bed Bath & Body Warm Vanilla perfume spray
  12. Ancient Dooney & Bourke cosmetic bag with wild berry chapstick, 2 Cover Girl Strawberry lipgloss, powder, eyeliner, mascara, tweezers, eyebrow brush, 2 berry colored lipglosses, 1 red lipstick, and 2 almost unusuable eyeliner back ups. I get frantic if my eyeliner disappears, which it does often. Having back up is necessary for my sanity.

And just so you know Cheryl, these are the contents of my SMALL purse. I wouldn't have shared if I was toting my big ole gaudy giraffe print hobo!


capperson said...

It's not as bad as mine. I promise. lol

C said...

i always say.... its best to be prepared. so i have everything but the kitchen sink in my bag. hahahahahah and i am talking about my backpack. i dont even carry a purse cuz nothing fits in it. i could go camping and live off whats in my bag. yep.
hahahahaha arent we girls funny, tho? sheeeeeeeeeet yeah!


Stacie said...

Well I'm going to give it to you straight...cuz I love you.. and today is my day for doling out tough love.

Are you ready? Here goes.

Taking care of YOU first means your around longer to take care of and spend time with, those you love most, like your husband, your neices and nephews etc...

I know exactly where you're coming from because I STILL struggle with taking care of me there's that whole "I don't wanna" thing I got going on, but I was told that that is being selfish..I HAVE to, so I can be healthy to be around to kick my kids in the @$$ when they need it, and nag my husband when he needs I say nag? I meant hug...yeah...that's what I meant..hug..
cuz if I'm not taking care of ME ie: excercising, eating right, staying healthy etc, then I'm not giving them my best me I can give...I'm just giving them a half-assed me.

heh..come to think of it, I'd love to give them a half-assed me..which is another benefit of that whole excercise thing..if I keep at it long enough maybe I can cut my ass down to about half and then I can eat all that good food you speak of...

Love ya Jilly! :)
And those earrings are too darn cute! And WOW...two weddings you're designing for? That's AWSOME!

and kudos too on not gaining..there's something to be said for maintenance...give yourself a little credit!

oh...and multi tasking? you can take care of your skin while making your jewls...they don't care if you have a masque on your face for 10-15 while you put them together! :)

(this from the girl who put a clear mask on one day and forgot it was there and went to one of here classes at the community college and during the lecture noticed a 'funny feeling' on her face and rubbed at it and a huge piece of mask came off that looked like skin falling off...oh so lovely..not to mention sexy..oh yeah..definitely sexy...)

capperson said...

I'm always looking for new Rachael Ray is a big help along with some of these blogs that like to post recipes.

But yes, I love me some cuppy

I tend to attract the guys that dont want futures or are a little too clingy themselves, so I'm going to have to keep looking. I've always been scared about the whole kids thing too because of all my medical problems and i'm scared I wont be able to have them. They told my sister she wouldnt be able to though and she had two. I've actually raised hers up until Christmas til she decided to come back and take them from me after almost 10 years..I still dont think she has changed much and I hope and pray that them kids are ok a whole 2 states away from my mother and me.

Thanks for the comment and the encouragement.

capperson said...

p.s. you dont look 30 :)

random moments said...

Capperson - Well you did it now. You gotta tell us what's in yours!

C - Sometimes I think it would just be easier to carry a backpack, but the bigger the bag the more I put in it!

Stacie - Thank you. I really needed that! Its like, I know these things but just lack the motivation. The way you put it, me being selfish, well that really puts things in a new perspective.

Lol about the mask to class. Definitely something I would do!

random moments said...

P.S. - Capperson, I LOVE you for that comment!

Wow, that's gotta be tough about the kiddos. You are a helluva woman for taking them in as your own the way you did. I'm pretty sure you got a few brownie points from the Man Upstairs for all you've done. :) ((hugs))

Island Girl said...

Stopping by from OSB! I've been maintaning too, but not by choice:(
It's frustrating, but you can do it!!

That's awesome that you're designing for two weddings!! I wish I had a talent like that!

Leesa said...

I am curious about ads as well. I can't think it would make enough money to bother with.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll wedge in some time for self care. A little excercise is so good for us!

I do run ads on my site. It's not a ton of money. But I'm not covered in ads either.

I not only posted a list of my purse, I did a photo journey!

I'm loving your earrings on Etsy. But my ears are sensative. What kind of wires do you use?

Constructive Attitude said...

my healthy lifestyle/eating habits are non existent. i just cant do it.

and im sure you'll get back into the groove of yours once things are little less busy. dont be so hard on yourself.

Chloie said...

Simplicity is the key to everything!

Ashley said...

DEAD ipod? so depressing!

Jay said...

In my experience, we tend to make the time for those things that are most important to us. Don't second guess your gut and/or how you are prioritizing things.

The Other K Wick said...

No worries on the OSB thing. Its not easy especially with being busy, through a hubby, cooking, cleaning, and making jewelry..... From one list-maker to another, its ok not to have everything checked off. You'll get it. Making time for yourself and the hubs is the MOST important thing.

By the way, your purse comment cracked me up.

The Other K Wick said...

UGH! Your Deal of the Day would just so happen to be the one piece that I have been stalking. (Its like my Kryptonite) Hmmmm, now just to get Ken to stubble on this today!!! He’s the one with the paypal account…….. Apparently, my showing him your page and saying, “See isn’t her stuff cute!? By the way I *LOVE LOVE this bracelet!” didn’t work so well. I check on it every day just to see if the little bugger has purchased it yet. I think in his man brain…….. he thinks, “If you like it so much, make it!” But, that’s so uncool in my opinion. You NEVER copy some else’s art. I dearly want a Monet, but I sure as heck aren’t going to paint one.

Cheryl said...

Big ole gaudy giraffe print hobo post!!! Big ole gaudy giraffe print hobo post!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh, and losing weight can just suck it. It's just another chore, and who wants more responsibility? noooo one. Be a rebel!

Roxrocks said...

I feel your pain on the whole weight thing. I gave up wine for nothing?!

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