Monday, February 02, 2009

Excuse me, am I blushing?

Cause I'm feeling awful special these days. I've got a few awards to share with my bloggy loves, and, to give to bloggy loves. But first off, I'd like to thank the academy...

Receiving is so easy, but giving? Its so tough! I hate leaving people out. *sniff* Forgive me if I do, this is a hard task.

Tookie Tails (aka Mama, for me) gave me this Fabulous Blog award. Aww shug. Your blog is fabulous too!

So this one goes a little like this: I have to tell you of my 5 addictions and blogs I am addicted to. Easy peezy.

My 5 Addictions:

1. Sweet tea (with sweet in low!)
2. Jewelry making
3. Blogging (as if that's not obvious...)
4. Etsy (so much eye candy inspiration! This stays open pretty much all day.)
5. Twilight. *sigh* Yes. Its a new addiction though. Got it in the mail yesterday and read 100 pages so far. Now its all I can think about. But that's another post.

My 5 Blog Addictions

1. The English Muse - I've written about her before. She posts tons of uplifting, colorful, fresh new images on photography and such. And she supports my jewelry line so she's automatically one of my fave girls. ;)

2. Funky Fresh Cool - one of my dearest crafty friends (IRL). She's got mad skills on scrappin'. Love to see her newest pages and updates on her life.

3. C aka Midwestern Mama - This chic is hilarious. And real. She posts frequently, which is a good thing for me! And her writing sucks you in so that you can actually visualize her talking to you. I bet she talks with her hands a lot. :)

4. Orchestrated Destiny - Her posts really get you thinking. She's deep, insightful and always has interesting topics. She's one of my newest addictions.

5. Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old - Another new read. She's raw, she's funny and crazy sarcastic. And I love those qualities. Not for the faint at heart. Go see her and you shall laugh.

Stacie at This is a Test wants to hear a few honest truths' about me. Heh, you asked for it Stace... ;)

1. I've always had this heightened fear of being attacked or raped. My first time living on my own, this fear was so alive in me that I kept the tv on all night and put a chair under the knob of my double locked from door. A knife stayed on my nightstand, hidden under a book. I often refer to that time as The Year I Didn't Sleep.

2. I'm obsessed with thoughts of my weight and health. While I'm more comfy with myself now than ever, I still think about the calorie content of every piece of food I pick up. I give myself guilt trips if I don't exercise when I planned on doing so. Its EXHAUSTING and I'd give anything to erase this truth about me.

3. I can't live without chapstick or lotion. I have both on me at all times.

4. Sleeping on my stomach is the only way I can fall asleep at night. I often wonder what I'm going to do about sleep if I become pregnant.

5. I adore lists. Lists, lists, LISTS. The feel of pen on paper. Getting all my to-dos and wants and ideas out on paper in numeric order. Scratching things off my list. So incredibly satisfying. Hmm. Probably why I'm enjoying this post so much right now too.

6. This chic is a HUGE snuggler. I adore cuddling with J or my Mini puppy. Sometimes Babers and I will go to bed early (read 8 o'clock) just to get some extra snuggle time in.

7. COOKING is one of my passions. There's nothing better to me than chopping and mixing ingredients together, seasoning and babying a pot of yummy comfort food. Or creating new dishes. And I love nothing more than to cook for my loved ones.

8. I would love to paint something on a very large canvas for our living room. The reason I haven't is simply because I'm afraid of failure. What if its not good enough to hang in the den? What if J says it is, but in reality its embarrassing?

9. I'm a pessimist at heart. The worst always creeps into my head. Sometimes I scare myself with it, thinking of things that could happen to me or my loved ones in certain situations. Another truth I wish I could erase.

10. I used to have a box addiction. Boxes that appliances come in? Could not and would not throw them away. I stored empty boxes in my closets. And I purchased decorative boxes like they were crack to me. We don't have as much closet space now, so the addiction has lessened a great deal.

And now I shall tag:

Chasing Dreams, Asthmagirl, She's Come Undone

(Feel free to do this without being tagged. I would love to know more about all of you!)



Midwestern Mama gave me this cute lil award:

I'm not sure what this award means but if C is giving it out, its gotta be cool! So here we go with the rules:

1. You must link back to the person you received the award from.

2. You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award.

I'm sure we all like lemonade, so here's some for these hot friends of mine:

Kitty, Tookie, Mona, Christie, AJ, Rox

Now, I know that's not 10 but as I was picking out bloggy friends for this refreshing award all I could think about was throwing chics in the mix that I could actually imagine having a day of sun and lemonade with. Chics that would all get along together. (And all have great stories to share too!)


Chloie said...

Aaawww.. thank you so much! I think I'm blushing, too!

Roxrocks said...

Can I have vodka in my lemonade? :)

I say go to Michael's and buy yourself a big blank canvas and you and J together paint something! Splatter it everywhere, date it and hang it. Art is art.

I'm a belly sleeper too. With strategic pillow placement, you can still pull it off for a bit. I tell you though, the second that baby is out, it's the first thing you do when you go to sleep that first night and it feels GOOD! :)

Cheryl said...

You are awesome.

Oh man I'm as red as a monkey's ass right now. I you...too .. teehee! *runs away*

(I totally just copy and pasted that from my reply in my comment box to you, but I felt that it'd be more meaningful to write it here)

Also. I'm totally not having babies if I can't sleep on my stomach. Sleepless nights is totally not worth it.

C said...

awwww jill, thank you for all the nice things you said about me. love ya too, toots. i think i agree with whoever said it in these comments about you and J creating a picture together! that would be so awesome. and it will make a good memory to remember in years to come... and show the kiddos. BTW if you had a waterbed you could sleep on your tummy pregnant. take care.


Kitty said...

Awww, thanks for the sweet lemonade award hun - I'll be sure to blog it soon.

I go to sleep on my stomach too. When you're pregnant you just can't! I used to sleep with a pillow around my bump so I could sort of lean that way, and sleep like that! But hey - you have to get up to pee so often that you don't get much sleep anyway! x

Siren said...

congrats on your awards!!!! Great post

The Other K Wick said...

What a great read and thanks for tagging me. Yay! New blog topic.

Ok so you have me on this jewelry making kick and I need to know how to photograph my items w/o making them either dull and boring or overly sparkly where you cannot see the detail. Feel free to blog me or just send an email to Thanks!!!!

Chloie said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the the wedding website suggestion. I'm definitely considering it.

jason said...

Hey, I want some vodka-n-lemonade too!! And this box addiction was so strange to me when we first hooked up. You had boxes of things you didn't even own anymore.
After opening our wedding presents you had the hardest time with me throwing out the boxes. I could tell it ate you up. Love you babe

AJ said...

Awww see now I am blushing too!!! Thank you very much :-)

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