Wednesday, February 11, 2009


UPDATE: A local who reads my blog checked out the treasurey below and purchased the Sunrise in Cabo earrings for his wifey for Valentines Day. Yay! Thank you!

Look! Someone picked me for their treasurey on Etsy:

How cool is this? I'm not sure if I've been picked before as I don't browse the treasuries that often, but she's the first that has sent me a notice. Earthly Treasures picked my Sunrise in Cabo earrings.

If you aren't on Etsy and are like Huh? A treasure-what? A treasurey is basically a collage of another Etsian's favorites or picks for a certain theme. This one, Valentine's. It gives a lot of exposure to your shop as well. So, woo hoo!

I'm tickled pink!

So, what are your plans for V-Day? I'm being surprised!


Kitty said...

Congratulations on your Treasury appearance! I hope it brings you loads more sales.

'V day' is right off my radar this year. I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist.


The Other K Wick said...

Very cool. Congrats!

No big V-day plans, we have friends coming in from upstate.

Ok I'm coming after you, slacker! You can do this.... remember cute swimwear....vacation..... Come on!!!

Cheryl said...


I'm celebrating Valentine's Day over here by myself, while my boyfriend's on the other side of the world celebrating V-day by himself. At least... he better be...


I'm going to call him.

I'll be back.

PS, my word verification is uncrime... definition: to undo a crime?

Cheryl said...

PPS, Post the contents of your bag! Post the contents of your bag! ...


Constructive Attitude said...

we were supposed to have an anti vday party/cake day. but my friends suck and postponed it.

anne said...

I plan to go out with my girlfriend and leave my boyfriend at home. We r probably going to be having a spa day. =D

Anonymous said...

congrats, i love those earrings. they're so pretty.

not sure what we're doing on valentine's day. the hubby and i had a quiet dinner last night. it was our 13th wedding anniversary. how time flies.

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