Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dreams that make you go hmm

Does anyone have a dream interpretation book? ‘Cuz I’m in need of one.

For the past 6 months or longer I’ve been having these terrible dreams about J and I. (I’m sure he’s going to love this post.) The dreams are usually of him being mean to me, cheating on me, leaving me stranded in foreign places, or something of the like. I wake up from these dreams feeling angry or anxious, and I usually feel the need to tell him about them. He recently expressed how hearing about the dreams made him feel, and I don’t blame him. Took a minute to understand, but if the tables were turned I’d feel bad too.

I want to purchase a dream interpretation book, but I honestly don’t believe I’ll get any answers. I imagine a dream book is along the lines of a book on the zodiac: good for entertainment purposes but nothing to really go by.

I’ve also thought about going to a psychic. I know, I know, sounds kooky, right? A friend of my mother’s (now deceased) that I was also close with went to a psychic for fun. She came back and told my mother that my little sister would have another life to care for in the very near future. Three months later my sister turned up pregnant. The psychic also warned my mother’s friend about her health and struggled to tell her about death. Our friend died a year later from health issues. I also have a friend that went to a psychic who told her that her boyfriend wasn’t for her and they ended up breaking up a few months later. Now, while I know that can happen anyway to anyone, that’s the reason why I don’t want to go…

It’s not like there’s a psychic on every corner in the city where I live, and it’s highly unlikely I’d seek one out. But, what if? What if the psychic told me what my dreams meant and they weren’t exactly the interpretation I’d want to hear? Or worse, what if the psychic told me of my future and J wasn’t in it?

I don’t want to know my future. The fun of life is the mystery of not knowing.

So anyway, those are just some things that have been on my mind lately. You guys are my therapy sometimes, be it an I-hate-shopping tantrum or I-have-screwed-up-dreams admission, you lend an ear (or an eye) and it helps that I don't have to pay. ;p

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening (reading).

By the way, do the word verifications on blogger seem to be getting really hard to decipher lately? Doesn’t it seem sometimes that they really don’t want you to post your comment?


-Papa said...

I wouldn't bother with the psychics, it's money better spent elsewhere. Just remember that you can't change the past, it's already done, however you can influence the future but to do that you have to change the only thing you can when it comes to time; the here and now.

Word Verification gets harder to see when you don't take your Flintstones vitamins. ;)

Hammer said...

Dreams are a part of the mind's filing system. While we sleep, our brain needs to process and interpret all of the information it has recieved that day and stick it in long term storage.

While this is going on you may get to view bits and pieces spilling over from this process.

Dreams do have meaning but they are largely symbolic.

If you have a dream about being mistreated and hurt by J, there is a good possibility that you may have a fear of this happening and it may be related to experiences in past relationships.

In other words,your dreams are your mind's way oft trying to come to grips with worries and insecurites.

I've been to psychics, My mother is one. Some have a gift for telling us what we already know.
The really sucessful ones tell us what we want to hear.

Jenny! said...

Dreams are crazy sometimes...but its they way our mind works and relaxes or in your case...stresses you out. I think psychic are a bit strange, but I would go just for fun.

Christie said...

I went to a psychic once, and she told me I would have a baby within 2 years but with another man (my ex husband was sitting right there). Guess what, I divorced my ex and started dating my husband, and bam, just like she said, I was prego with another man's baby.

The word verification is like a test, that 50% of the time I fail. That thing sucks, really it does.

fatwonkkid said...

why don't you go to a book store and flip through a dream book until you find an answer...

my wife one time had a bad dream. she was flailing and making noises. i tried to wake her up, and then she punched me in the face. apparently she was dreaming that someone was choking her.

luckily she has bad aim.

Angela said...

Ugh...I get the same dreams. My boyfriend is always cheating on me, or lying to me.

I know it's just me being insecure, he loves me and I'm sure yours does too!

Dan said...

I love Jung's take on dreams. He said it was our subconscious (he called it our "shadow") telling us things we needed to know. And it's much more simple then we think. A pencil is a pencil in Jung's interpretations. It's not a penis. :)

Sounds like you may be distrusting J a bit for some reason.

Chunks said...

Try this:

As a Freaky Dream Sufferer (I had one last night that I was wearing velour leggings and high heeled boots and a kerchief!) I've come to find that dreams are just random bits of your day that get messed up in the translation. It also depends on what you eat before bed. If I have popcorn? OMG the insanity that ensues!

I agree with hammer, you're just processing and worrying. It will be okay!

it's the little things... said...

Your post made me laugh because when I was married, I used to have those dreams about my ex husband.
I would wake up so mad I would reach over and punch him!
He didn't much like it, but he got used to it, I guess. :)
As for psychics, I think they're fun. I see one whenever I can, and am always amazed at the stuff they pull out of nowhere...

Anonymous said...

The future scares me. Not in that I think something horrific will happen, just that...nothing will happen.

As for the dreams, I think it's pretty normal, you are just worried. Doesn't mean you have reason to worry.

ADD said...

I used to have horrible dreams about my ex cheating on me and leaving me when I was prego. He did, He cheated on me for a year an a half and left me during both of my pregnancies. He's now gotten the other woman prego and is still with her... hahaha bet that's real reassuring huh...

Oh I used to also have really horrible nightmares when I was 16 stemming from something that had happened to me, and I had them every single night when i was 17 and dating my current b/f they stopped, they started again when we broke up, and didn't stop until we got back together this past january.

SO it could either be telling you to watch out for your b/f beign a jerk or it could just be telling you you have trust issues. :-)

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