Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Weird Things About Me

1. Soap must only be in the soap dish – NO WHERE ELSE. I get completely ooged out if I’m in the shower and the soap drops into the tub. Babers and I were, um, conserving water in the shower one evening somewhat early into our relationship and he let the soap drop onto the tub floor. He got an earful and I’m sure to this day still thinks I’m a nut job.

2. I have to say “I love you” to my loved ones before getting off the phone, even if I talk to them 5 times a day. Same goes with telling them goodbye in person – there must be an “I love you” said once or twice before I get in the car.

3. I use chapstick. Obsessively.

4. All closets, behind my shower curtain, and under my bed must be checked for burgulars hiding before I get into the bed. As I’ve said before, I’m not sure what I’d do if I actually found one, but knowing my apartment is free of them helps me sleep better.

5. A night light is a must. If I turn off my lamp before settling in bed and the room gets darker than usual, I frantically switch my lamp back on and replace the night light. (I do this often, usually because when Babers is home on the weekends he takes the night light out and I forget about it on Mondays.)

6. No matter how hard I work out, no matter how many weights I lift or hours I walk, I refuse to do ab work. I like my curves and soft tummy.

7. Another shower issue – after showering, the shower curtain must be pulled all the way to the wall, concealing the inside of the shower. I have to get on Jason’s butt about this sometimes too. ;)

8. I used to have issues with people touching my bottom. When a boyfriend would put his hand in my back pocket or if my sister popped me on the rear (which she would do purposely because she knew I had an issue) I would get really uncomfortable and squirm. Not really sure what’s behind that, but I’m getting better about it.

9. When plating my dinner, I do it in a way that will be aesthetically pleasing. I may turn my plate around several times before digging in if it doesn’t feel right.

10. If I’m singing to one of my favorite songs on cd and I accidentally sing the wrong verse, I feel compelled to start the track over and “make it right”, and I usually do.

11. I prefer to be on the left of people. Whether I am walking down the mall with someone, standing at a counter, sitting on the floor, sleeping in a bed, etc., I feel weird if I’m not on the left of them. And ask anyone – I’ll walk to the other side if I happen to somehow end up on the right side of you.

12. When my toenail polish chips off in places, I just touch up or paint over the chipped off spots. Wait. That might fall under the “lazy” instead of the “weird”.

13. Ok, ONE last shower thing – besides the Jacuzzi tub bubble incident earlier this summer, I have not had a bath in over 8 years. Showers only.

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Nocturnal said...

I refuse to do ab work as well, make that any work when it comes to the gym. Yes, curves rock.

Nice list, unique.


Kelly said...

LOL! We are soul mates!!! hahaha I like being on the right of people. I can't stop thinking about ways to get to the right of them when walking, so that I won't look ridiculous! LOL

I have a sink issue. I can't stand it when there is a dirty sink. The sink bowl must be completely clean! My roommate use to laugh at me for this! When I brush my teeth, I can't look at a dirty sink, or I gag! Must be clean!

great idea! I may steal it sometime, as I have a lot of issues!

random moments said...

Nocturnal - thanks! "Curves rock." Yes, I'd like to think so. :)

Kelly - oh I'm with you on the gagging while brushing teeth looking at a dirty sink, but it still doesn't make me clean my sink as much as I should. *sigh*

So you're a righty huh? Ha, glad to hear I am not the only crazy!

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