Monday, August 27, 2007

No Subject

Do you ever have those days when you just get tired of trying? Trying to make things work, trying to make people happy, try to be pleasing to get what you need and nothing happens? What happened to the days when people cared about you felt? Sometimes I wonder if I just stopped trying, if anyone would really notice.

Okay. Not nearly enough said to clear my brain, but I know how it is to read a post that is too personal. I'm just frustrated and (obviously) have no other outlet.

Back to reality - people that wear curlers to the store. Is this really necessary? Are you so lazy that you can't yank the curlers out of your hair before you leave your house? And why do you suddenly need to go to the store after you put your hair in these curlers? Can't it wait until your hair is done?

People that talk about religion/politics/other inappropriate subjects when you first meet them. Do you not have anything else to speak of? Are you trying to make yourself look like an uppity jackass?

People that super size their meal deal and get a diet coke with it. I don't think I really have to say anything about this one.

Maybe my mood will lighten up by tomorrow. (Don't get your hopes up though.)

Peace out.


Hammer said...

They say that removing sugared sodas from the diet can cause up to 50Lbs of weight loss per year for someone who drinks more than 4 per day.

Stopping the supersize would help even more :)

Jenny! said...

Feel better....I know what you mean...and the funk won't last forever! I don't understand curles EVER...even at home!

fatwonkkid said...

yeah..sometimes the gloom does set in. luckily for me it doesn't last more than a couple days, maybe a week.

when i infrequently get fast food, i usually just get the sammich and something off the dollar menu to supplement. i usually always have water (not the bottled kind, from the filter in my fridge) on me, so i don't have to buy a drink.

-Papa said...

Okay. Not nearly enough said to clear my brain..,
It did sound like you're holding back; I recommend you don't. Bring it on.

Kelly said...

AWWW! Feel better! I don't like it when my blogger soul mate is down! :-( I agree on all of those.

Hope things get better. You should write your feelings all out, even if you don't post it. It helps. I promise.

jason said...

Babers need a hug? Come sit on papi's lap and tell me about it :)

Helen said...

Uuuurrrggghhhk I'm feeling the same way right now, Random. I feel like I've constructed this house of cards and I'm just using my hands to block the wind from blowing it over. Must take long walk...

Christie said...

You just need to let it go, I promise you'll feel better. I did it the other day, and even though the men thought I was riding the crimson wave, the women totally understood the need to vent.

Chunks said...

There's a lot to be said for letting it all out. I use my blog regularly for purging out my feelings. It's kind of a theme, actually!

What kills me with the curlers is they've invented CURLING IRONS!

I've also pondered the insanity of diet coke and supersized everything else. Soda is the worst thing you can drink, in my opinion. Diet soda seems to give people a false sense of "doing the right thing."

Nocturnal said...

"People that super size their meal deal and get a diet coke with it."

Hilarious and spot on actually.


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