Monday, October 13, 2008

Being Busy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Surely you've heard of the saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Wait. Or is it stronger? Anyway... I've learned of a new one this weekend.

J and I went to Home Depot for some, well, house stuff Saturday morning. The hall bathroom was a hideous green and pink flowered wall paper. J and I (mostly J) have ripped the paper off and are looking at bare walls. I got to pick out a pretty lil trimmer brush and we got some other items to make-under this bathroom.

After, J heads to his parents to change the oil in my car and I head to Jen's to get my hair did, a little pre-bridal photos practice for next weekend. (Ahhh! Next weekend!)

I get home and start cleaning. J is finishing the fence and working on the last few pieces of wallpaper in the bathroom. Then I start dinner. Crab cakes and green bean casserole. And then the LSU game is on and I'm making jewelry and watching Sex in the City in another room.

What? I know! I HATED it. Well, until I got so enthralled with the movie and then it was okay for a minute. And then I got all pouty again. But it was only 2 hours in separate rooms. We're going to be that old couple that dies together holding hands.

Sorry, that was morbid.

Sunday its more cleaning and laundry and jewelry and another football game. (Curse you Football Gods!!!) Then Toot turned 8 and we went to Jen's for present opening and cake and ice cream.

Before you know it, its 8pm and we're done with everything we need to do. And I just look at him and all the love I have for him wells up in me and I kiss him like he's been away on a business trip or something. I mean a big ole smooch. We're talking butterflies. It felt like I hadn't really been with him even though we were in the same house working together for 2 days straight.

I can just see it now. Three years later with baby and boutique and we'll have to pencil each other in our schedules for smooch fests. Yikes!

Or maybe, when we're not liking each other so much in the future, when I'm in menopause and a royal PITA and he's got ear hair and doesn't pick up his socks, I'll yell at him "OH just go somewhere for a few days!!!" and we'll get that loving feeling back again...


Kitty said...

If you've got to be apart, then making jewellery and watching SITC has got to be as a good substitute as any? ;-) x

Anonymous said...

...the fact that you get butterflies...when smooching your honey....gotta love it!! it's the real deal, Cathy

Roxrocks said...

Fast forward twenty years and it will be like we're reading my blog again! (Although you probably won't be such a potty mouth...heehee!)

I hope you're still blogging when you hit the meno.

Stacie said...

wow you had a busy weekend! yay for smootch fests. My dh was too busy watching games on tv. football, baseball, hockey...when I leaned over for kisses I was informed I was in the way of the tv.

I image he'll die from holding hands too. I'll be holding my hands around his neck, and he'll die! ha!

J needs to come over here and give my man a few lessons! :P

muse said...

Smoochin' is the best...without great kissin' there ain't no wishin'. It's all about the kiss for me...sets up every emotion and desire within me. Here's to many years of great smoochin'

Christie said...

We are going on 8 years of coupledom, and I can't stand being away from him for more than a day. I feel safe when he is close.

Don't get me wrong, there are days (Sunday mostly) when I can't wait for him to take his butt to the office. But still, I want him back home by the end of the day.

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