Monday, October 06, 2008

Ga Ga

That's my word for today. Ga ga. Over so many things...

But one in particular: my bridal necklace.

Yesterday my mother and I went shopping for her mother of the bride gown. Unfortunately we weren't quite in the season for this type of apparel. Apparently women only dress in formals for Christmas. *stare*

Anyway, weird as that shopping trip was, after 4 stores with hardly anything in stock, we headed back home. We picked up my gown while we were out and the length was perfect. Looking in the mirror, I watched the seamstress teach my Mom how to bustle the train and I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

Then we get home and Mom starts digging in her jewelry stash and pulls out this gorgeous piece. My breathe catches in my throat, but I'm so picky and worry. I put the necklace on and me, my sis, and mother ooo and ahhh.

Well that did it. Jen and I just had to put our gowns on, (my second time for that day, which is no easy feat) - my bridal gown and her bridesmaid gown. The necklace is perfect. The red of her dress against the white of mine, just gorgeous. Our gowns, elegant.

Now the burden of making my own jewelry is off my shoulders. Plus, the piece is either my mother's or my sister's, so it can be used as my "something borrowed".

My something old will be my mother's rosary, given to her as a wedding present from my father many moons ago. My aunt has a six pence for my shoe. Now I just need to work on the others. Something new and something blue.

Still on the search for the perfect Father/Daughter song. Wish me luck.


Roxrocks said...

Have you ever heard the song Daddy's Hands? It's a little country, but it's nice.

I can't wait to see the pics of all this planning!!! Um, could the dress be your "new" thing? Buy some frilly new panties, that will work!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

When you and Jen were trying on your gowns, did you make out a little?

Marcia said...

isn't your dress something new?

(ps, my word verification is fffflwux, which I find hysterical. FOUR F's!)

muse said...

Try Hopechest by Stephanie Bentley for that perfect song. If you prefer country maybe Lost in this Moment by Big and Rich.


Kitty said...

You're getting there! Something blue is often a garter ;-) x

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great post! What great fun all of this planning must be!!

Anonymous said...

Still on the song... lol

Frank Sinatra's the way you look tonight is nice.

Amy Grant's My Father's Eyes... ? I'm not a huge Amy Grant fan, but you HAVE TO check this crazy guy's video out! LMAO

Or one of my favs of all time, billy joel's lullaby (goodnight my angel)

I can't wait til we see you in your dress! I'm sure your wedding is going to be so amazing! I'm so happy for you! :-D

Oh, and your dress is the new thing! silly goose...

Anonymous said...

I just remembered something. I didn't pick my father/daughter song. I couldn't decide, like you... so I left it up to my dad. I didn't particularly like the song my dad chose, but it meant so much more to me because that was the song that meant something to him, and made him think of me. That makes the moment even better. Maybe you should ask him to pick...?

Stacie said...

I'm getting so excited for you!

Christie said...

Is that the back of your dress? Cause it's purdy!

I tied a light blue hanky around the base of my bouquet. No one could really see it but I knew it was there.

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