Friday, October 03, 2008

Time for some photo action

These photos are a few weeks old, from the first party J and I had at our new house. We watched the LSU game of course and I made a big ole pot of red beans and rice, coleslaw, and deviled eggs. And my favorite people in the whole wide world were there. There are many more photos, but some people just don't appreciate having their photo splashed on the internet. So weird, I know... ;)

You KNEW me and Jen were going do the photo thing. You know you love it.

I am in love with these shoes. Sadly, they are not as comfortable as they look...

Who IS that handsome Grizzly Babers?

This is supposed to be a photo of my brother. He will not stay still for a photo to save his life. So I had to hold a fluff conversation with my SIL and slowly sneak the camera up to snap a surprise shot. Damn flash gave me away. Good thing his wifey is cute.

We may still be doing this when we're in our 70's...

This was taken the night before at a friend of ours house. We always go there for bonfires during the fall. Hopefully we'll have a fire pit soon and have our friends over to OUR house!

This evening I'm going to see my sister's new salon. Today is their grand opening! I'm so proud of her. I can't believe she's come this far in such a little amount of time.

Also, J and I are putting up the fence. Doesnt' that sound very adult?

What are you doing Friday night?

Oh, just putting up a fence.

And... making Jillry. I'm... crazy in the head, I suppose, because I am having a Jillry party at my house this coming Friday. I know, I'm insane! I blab about all the crap I have to do and I add this to the mix, but the thing is - I enjoy this. I mean really enjoy it. So its not work for me. I'll get to hang with my girls and meet some new people and help everyone out with early Christmas presents. That's what I love most. Being able to help the women (and men) in my life pick a piece of jewelry that's perfect for their loved one without having to visit store after store after store.

I guess I should mention I'm having a CRAZY SALE right now, shouldn't I?

Marked lots of my stuff down up to 60% and have loads of new stuff up. Still in the works of loading more. I so love this! Oh and I've made a new friend at work and she is crazy about the same stuff as I: jewelry, heels and boutiques! She wants to someday be a partner with me when I get my boutique. My ultimate dream would be to have 4 of my favorite girls join in together, that way it won't feel like work.
I could ramble about this for days but I won't bore you any longer.

What are you crazy about?
Hope you liked the photos. See you guys soon. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I love having new visitors :) come by anytime! I read Kelly's blog often. I appreciate the compliments on the pictures - we really got lucky with our photographer. The one we chose was not available so we ended up with a much more expensive one for the same price! Yahoo! Your wedding day will be just as beautiful as you imagine it to be... don't stress over the fine details that will no doubt be coming up soon. Best of luck!

Stacie said...

Oh Jilly! I'm so glad you're back! Now...STOP stressin! That's an order. Everything will go great! I know it! And I'm sooo lovin' the jillry I ordered. Did I tell you that yet? It's the BOMB!

Kitty said...

You are so NOT looking as awful as you claimed! You're looking good!

Oh and what am I crazy about? That would be my crafting and fabric, right? ;-) x

Roxrocks said...

I'm crazy about my new countertop! WOOHOO~!

Of course, there's still the tiling to do but la-ti-da!

fatwonkkid said...

...a bunch of photo hams :)

Anonymous said...

We really are bloggy soulmates. I would love to own a boutique with you! :-( I wish we lived closer... haha

The fact that you even mentioned Christmas presents makes me nauseous.

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