Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's A New Day

Thanks for the encouragement y'all. Sometimes I just need to rid myself of the negative feelings and anxiety verbally to get past it. I try my best to be as self aware as possible... I never want to be that chic that does nothing but whine or be negative, which is why I had taken a bit of a leave. But anyway, today is new day. And I'm treating it as so.

Biggest thing on my mind this morning: Bachlorette party! Right now I can actually visualize some of you rubbing your instigating little hands together, so I'm going to open the gates: what are YOUR ideas for the best bachlorette party ever? Now, let's face it, there's always a budget. We ain't po folk, but I sure don't want to be breaking me and my girls' pocketbooks over one day/night. And I'm not really the go-out-to-a-bar-and-get-blasted-wearing-a-condom-decorated-veil kinda gal.

So anyways, bring on those ideas. While my sister and sis-in-law are on top of it, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little input from the bride, right? ;)

House update: I've told myself to get over the speckled-with-visitor-dirt white ceramic floors and the mopping of the bathrooms. Thank you, ladies, for that. Last night I did a quick inventory of the Goodwill pile and packed it all nice and neat for delivery. I also brought all the boxes peeking at me in my den to the extra room/office. Right now I keep wanting to call it the "Junk Room", God forbid. Hopefully one day soon it will be the Office/Craft Room.

Wait. Did you hear that? Yep. Angels singing. Craft room.

Also, I want to get big plant for a corner in my den. Any suggestions?

Lessening the load: Okay, this is really hard for me to say, but, I MAY relieve myself of making the bridesmaid jewelry. As much as I want to proudly look at my girls necks and ears all blinged out compliments of me, the thought of actually creating these pieces makes me want to VOMIT. Have no idea why. When I make a piece to sell online, that's one thing. When I try to make a piece for myself or a friend, its seriously hard for me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to personal jewelry, I guess.

And now for the fun stuff: I've hired my mom (with payments of love of course) to help me seek the perfect wedding songs. While digging with her, I came across this song for the vocalist during our ceremony: Matthew West - You Are Everything. That links up to my Myspace page (yes, I'm a dorkus). Scroll underneath my profile pic to my music player, he's listed twice (because again, I am a dorkus, dorkus maximus, that is).

Isn't it GOOSE-BUMPABLE??? So yesterday I'll all excited thinking this just may be THE song and I get into my car for my ride home and *gasp* its the first song that comes on. A sign? I think so.

Now me and Mom are trying to find a Father/Daughter dance, and then next will be the Mother/Son dance. And I'm sure you're wondering, What about you and J's dance? Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road. Please, listen closely to the words. Its PERFECT for us. I'm a bit nervous about the condition of my makeup after this dance though. This song cannot be played without me crying. Not sniffles y'all, full out tears falling down the cheeks kinda crying. I just watched that YouTube video I linked and yep, had to grab the tissue to stick in my eyes. I knew this was the song I wanted us to first dance to even before he proposed. :)

Alright, that's all for now. Oh wait - how do we like the new blog colors? They were giving me a headache reversed like that. They don't match as well with my header, but I'm sure I'll be working on a new one soon anyway....

Going to head to the kitchen for my red grapes and diet coke break. Off to visit all my favorites too! Muah!


Anonymous said...

OK... I've put in thought and research for these very important questions. Get ready.

Bachelorette Partah- you guys could always do a spa day. That is fun, and they do parties sometimes. Also (I so want to do this) they have scavenger hunts with limos in some cities. You pay for the limo, and you get a list of things to search for before the night is over. You can also compete with the Bachelorettes if you'd like! It usually ends up being 20-40 a person, depending on how many you have.
Some other good ideas:

I love the song on your myspace. So sweet, and totally you guys!

Father daughter dance- This was mine, and I loved it. But it is an Irish thing... and I dunno if you are Irish, or would even like it.

I just went to a wedding, where this was the father daughter song. It was really sweet.

I also love your dance. That was always a super favorite love song of mine.

Liking the new colors too. :-D

hugs Thanks for the great comment. I heart you. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

*typo... ugh
You can also compete with the Bachelors. haha Not the Bachelorettes...

Oh, and the party ideas, are at this link. It didn't post the whole link.

Roxrocks said...

I don't know if I qualify to answer any of these questions. I'm a firm believer in a slice of penis cake though for any Bachelorette party, I'm classy like that.

Derwood and I picked our songs together. They were songs that meant a lot to both of us. The one we danced to alone was "That's Why I Fell In Love With You" by Eddie Rabbit. Very obscure and meaningful only to us, I'm sure.

Look into Rose Cousins. Seriously, she is Canadian and kind of folksy but she writes great songs.

I think you and J should choreograph a dance number as your first dance! Go for the LOLs!

Kitty said...

I love green, so any green is fine by me: look forward to the new header.

I was SO pleased to read that you might give over the job of making the jewellery. It's obvious you have too much going on now hun - let someone else do it. Give yourself a break.

I am very jealous about the craft room - very, VERY jealous.


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