Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Bound!

This Friday we are heading to the beach. I. Can. Not. Wait.

Lately the office has been hard to take. Today isn't so bad, but I finally had to hole up in my office and just avoid as much as possible. Never under estimate an office full of men - they probably get way more done because there's less drama, less cattiness, just LESS in general.

I want to be home making a living off my jewelry so I can avoid this nonsense. Nuff said. Not going to happen anytime soon. *pout*

Some photos from a few past weekends of riding on the river:

Yes that's a laundry basket strapped to the front of our bike. Mini has to come with us! She won't let us leave home without her.

Oh and did I tell you I bought a brand new 50's pin up style bathing suit? It was a treat to myself for.... well, for no reason other than I got my bonus last weekend and decided I needed a treat! *doing the bonus dance* :) Maybe I'll take a pic in it to share. I'm thinking curls, an umbrella, and a sassy pose...

I am in creative-mode right now, but haven't the time to do anything creative due to preparation for vacation. Crossing my fingers that these few days off is what I need to get my butt back into gear!

If I don't talk to you before, have a great weekend!!


Rox said...

Nice Honda! How in God's name does Mini stay in that basket?! Taz would have a heart attack and jump out. He's not a fan of motorized vehicles. LOL! Have a great time at the beach!!

Chloie said...

Have fun at the beach! I'd probably do the same thing.

And oh, don't think for a moment that there's less cattiness among men. I work with a lot of men and there are some I can't stand!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, men can be catty too, but they get over it quicker so the bs doesn't carry on for CENTURIES!

Sorry... I'm still dealing with the 007 biotch and I'm bitter about it.

I want to see this bathing suit! I LOVE that style! I can't wait!

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