Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A House of Our Own

Now that J and I have our own home, we're having fun fixing it up. My biggest problem is my kitchen design - I simply cannot settle on what I want. More than anything, I want beautiful color, warmth and a place where my loved ones want to hang out.

These images are from BHG.com, the first place I visit in the mornings. I've never naturally leaned toward design, so after a few questions thrown as my bestie, she sent me to this site. Hello, why didn't I think of that? I ooo and ahhh over the magazine itself, but the site has endless design ideas...

The kitchens you see below are the closest to my current kitchen color scheme. Black appliances, white ceramic floors, wooden table (that I may eventually swap out), white cabinetry, warm sandy walls, silver and white lighting pieces. They all inspire me and have pieces that I plan to mix into our kitchen.

Which do you like best?

I love the natural, organic look of the window shade. This would tie the wood table into the cool colors of the ceramic and countertops.

These cabinets just blow me away. I actually feel my heart speed up as I look at them. I WANT them! This ocean color is one I plan to throw in the mix, along with reds and oranges.

I'm on the hunt for an island as I have not nearly enough counter space. I love the way the odd mix of black and wood really pop and make the room glow. Really digging the painted shelving to the right of the photo - a great idea for a blank wall that's been screaming at me.

This kitchen is a bit too calm for me... but I love the way the warm and cool colors just work. This has been my biggest thorn - trying to decide which way to lean. Warm? Cool? I've decided after seeing these gorgeous kitchens that I can have both.

So, what colors are in YOUR kitchen?


LindseYaYa said...

Totally throwing my two cents in here!!! I love kitchens so much, I could marry them.

Two things:
Totally work the warm and cool- my parents have and it's especially pleasing. It makes their honey colored wooden things (cabinets, island, etc) pop. Think of it this way- not warm and cool, but natural colors (wood tones, watery blues, mossy greens, red clays, etc)


If you have a small.ish space and won't be throwing major money into it, consider painting the bottom cabinets one color and the top cabinets another. It's kind of funky like those above cabinets you like. I did this in my old house... red on bottom vintage white on top. It gave my bottom cabinetry the look of set furniture pieces rather than old stock cabinets.

*Make sure to keep us posted on this process, please! Have fun!

Rox said...

You asked...

Don't go trendy. Seriously. Color trends change so much that by the time you get used to it, it's dated. And if you start painting cabinets, neutral is key. You have to think of resale value (because chances are, as your family grows, your needs will change!) and not everyone wants to buy a house with blue and yellow cupboards in the kitchen! LOL! Use artwork to add color and window dressings.

My kitchen walls are the same color as the rest of the walls in my main living area, kind of a mushroom-greyish-tan. I have a feature wall that goes from the living room and wraps around to the kitchen and it's a darker shade of the MGT paint. Oak cupboards and a dark marbley colored countertop. White accessories and appliances. I'm totally a play it safe girl.

random moments said...

Linds - I TOTALLY love your last line about the natural tones: woodsey, water blue, red clay, etc. Thing is, I have NO IDEA what to put on wall. I don't want a dark paint, something light and funky.

Rox - I also totally agree with you - I'll likely keep the cabinets as they are, I have no desire to paint them but I wouldn't mind someone else painting them for me!! Haha. So they shall stay white. But the walls, oh what to do with the walls...

Off to Home Depot I suppose...

LindseYaYa said...

Not to metion how tricky paint is in general... The shade it is in the store may be darker or lighter depending on the lighting. Rats! So tricky. And yeah- painting the cabinets is a tricky endeavor. You've got to really do it right and spray them or don't touch them at all! I was lucky that my FIL did that for me. ;) Oh and the other thing I learned was that the designer brand of paint is waaaay better than the cheap brand. It's easier to paint and better coverage. *Just my experience... ;)

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