Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Share Monday

Good evening fellow music lovers :)

With our weekend vacation coming up, last Thurday I was scrambling to get some new music downloaded for our 4 hour trip. I was looking for some 90's rock to keep J happy....(Plus, J likes to hit SKIP when one of my "weird" songs comes on. The nerve.)

The songs I share with you today were an effort to keep both our ears happy, as well as keep us awake during our road trip. It seems that rock is the genre that gave us a great soundtrack for our vacation. Here are some of my favorites from our combined playlist:

Breaking Benjamin - Breath
Alice in Chains - I Stay Away
Stone Temple Pilots - Creep
Framing Hanley - Lollipop (A remix from Lil Wayne's rendition. Awesomely funny and hard-hitting.)
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody (Can't say enough about these guys. Do yourself a favor
and check them out if you haven't already.)
Hollywood Undead -
Sell Your Soul
Godsmack - I Stand Alone
Pearl Jam -
Safety Suit - Stay (This song makes me swoon and is my newest fave.)
Saliva - Click Click Boom

What's on REPEAT for me: Paramore's Decode. I simply can't get enough of the lead's voice, the hard hitting beat and how it makes me want to run. (Read: This song is healthy for you.)

Some of YOUR current favorites:

Nicole's Playlist

Jamiroquai - Hot Tequila Brown
Counting Crows - Anna Begins
Mark Knopfler - What it is
311 - Amber
Dance Hall Crashers - Good for Nothin

Nicole thinks her music taste may be a lil odd, which tells me I'll love these songs. I can't wait to get home to listen to and download these!


Michelle's Playlist

Flyleaf - Something I Can Never Have
Seether - Careless Whisper
The Fray - Heartless
Anberlin - The Love Song
Quietdrive - Time After Time

Michelle, these are right up my alley - cover songs can be a beautiful thing. Le sigh.


Thanks to Nicole & Michelle for sharing today! Visitors: Feel free to leave your newest music loves in the comment section. :)

Rock on.

xo Jill

If you want to participate in Music Share, simply shoot me an email at (or leave a comment with your email) and I'll put you on the mailing list. Every Monday morning I send out an email prodding you for your newest favorites. Simply reply - to me only - with your 5 songs and I'll include them in my group email as well as on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get home and participate! :-) I am all about the 'weird' songs, J! Just wait until she gets more from this Music Monday thing! haha!

And I LOVE the Framing Hanley remix of Lollipop! hahaha I can't get enough of it. hahaha

Also love Paramore all day everyday, and Nicole and Michelle are my kind of people! <3 this music!

Rox said...

My youngest, Kay, is into Paramore. I haven't listened to it yet. I just ripped some of her Panic at the Disco CDs yesterday. And I've yet to listen to the oldest one's new Eminem.

I'm so behind, musically! LOL!

That's what happens when you get into a Styx/REO Speedwagon/Supertramp funk. HA!
And I love Kings of Leon too. LOVE THEM!

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