Friday, July 24, 2009

The Joys of Marriage

Last night J and I were putting fresh sheets on the bed together. I can't remember exactly what started it, something about me not fluffing his pillow anymore...

"I'm so over you tonight," I huff. Its our new thing to say when one of us is being needy or impossible.

"Well, if you are, I guess you'll have to find someone else to change your oil." Sarcastic tone. Its ON.

"And you'll have to find someone to cook for you."
"Yeah well, who's going to fold your panties?"
"Who's going to fold YOUR panties?" J hesitates. I can see his gears winding.

"You'll have to find someone to put up with your hair all over the bathroom floor," he's smirking now. He thinks he's so funny. (He is.)
"And you'll have to find someone to put up with your chest hairs in bed!"

One look, a forced angry-face, and we busted out laughing. Jump, plop in bed and we're already wrapping legs. It was a serious fight.

"That was nice," I say laughing.

"Yeah. Guess we need that every once in a while as a reminder to appreciate all the little things we do for each other," he responds with a sigh, throwing his leg over me.

I smile. Shove myself closer into his warm body.

Ahhh, married life is fun.


Anonymous said...


That was incredibly sweet.

I so need to find someone willing to put up with my hair on the bathroom floor. It's a problem I am fully aware of.

Maybe I could find someone that I could put up with chest hairs in bed for...

jason said...

That was fun. Lets do it again tonight. And tomorrow night.

Hey kelly, I got this friend..........

Chloie said...

Aaawwww... that is so sweet. You're both very lucky to have each other.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Be very wary of loose body hairs! Wary, I tell you! can vouch for me on that, right? ;)

You guys are so damn cute!

Christie said...


Kidding. I know what you mean. Sometimes it's the silly "fights" that put me in the best mood.

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